How to write a viral blog post | Most viral blog posts

How to write a viral blog post | Most viral blog posts

All blog owners have their own way. But today in this article we are going to tell people the way you can make the Article of your blog viral.

Now you might be thinking and possible with the SEO method. Follow the path of SEO (Search engine optimization) you adopt. This is not a tips and trick, not is there a post keyword that you will write to viral the article.

But you must know that the same article of your wedsite will be viral that your visitors would like and all bloggers who write articles write for their visitor only. But do you know that the most interesting of your visitor is that of the creature.



A viral post and trending can increase the number of visitors to your website shortly. All articles do not get viral. But a viral articles could get your website out of the ground.


How to write a viral blog post | Most viral blog posts

If all our bloggers write Articles by the visitor’s interest to their blogs then the visitor will also increase with the traffic of the blog, and your Articles will become viral. And even if our blog Articles is on the trending topic, then the visitors of the blog still grow.

Now the biggest thing is how we know the visitor’s interest in our blog. And what is the Trending topic?


The Easy Way to write a viral blog post | Most viral blog posts

To write a viral Articles, 1st of all, you must know the interest of the visitors of your website. Now the best way is to do this, google analytics.

google analytics tool is a web service that Blogger uses to track real time traffic or track total monthly visitor.
But you can use this tool to know how your visitor’s interest is and If you use this tool to write a Articles for your website then it is more likely to be viral.

Step One- First of all, log in to your google analytics account with your log in id or password.

Step Second – Now go to the audience section or click on the interest option there.

google analytics > Audience > Interest > Overview

You will now see your website’s user interest as a picture niche or you can learn the interest of the user coming to your web from here.


It shows the user’s interest in 3 types.

  • affinity Categories (reach)
  • In-Market Segment
  • Other Category


First-affinity Categories

In the category listed in this category, google defines it as broad content categories that identify users in terms of their lifestyle. That means, in this category, most of the field surfing on the Internet in the field listed is surfing.


Second-In-Market Segment

In the category listed in this category, there is a user in google who is connected to this field in some way. Using it, the e-commerce company realizes that the visitor’s visit to their website is in the product.


Third- Other Category

google analytics stores such visitors in this category, who focus on different types of content. One of their single widgets can be divided into different categories. That is, in these single visits, various categories of different pages are visited.
Now many of you users are thinking that even if they get to know about this, then how did the trend of visitor interact and viral post?


How to Find Trending Topic for write a viral blog post | Most viral blog posts

When you have discovered the interest of the user of your blog, then you can search Topics of their interest by visiting With google trends, you can find the trending topic of your user’s interest.

Now you’ve got to know the interest of your blog user, and how you can trace the trending topic, know that now your next step will be to write a great SEO article.



If you also want to write trending and viral post, today’s post can help you write By writing a blog post like this, you can increase the traffic of the blog.


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