whatsapp for business apk | whatsapp business api | whatsapp business features

whatsapp for business apk | whatsapp business api | whatsapp business features

In today’s time, everyone uses WhatsApp. This is the biggest messenger app of today’s time. With this help you can make free of cost messages to any of your contact list.

Whatsapp has recently launched in a Business Application India, which is very much discussed in today’s time, which is called WhatsApp Business. It is only launched in India, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy, America and Britannia. About this app we will provide you detail in detail by our post.

By this article you will know what is the WhatsApp Business App and how to download and use WhatsApp Business, which will help you to get more information about this app.


What is WhatsApp Business Application?

So let us tell you what the app is actually and what it can use in it. First of all, we show that these are applications. WhatsApp Business App is also a Messenger app that uses small scale business and small scale entrepreneur.

It uses small scale entrepreneur to connect with its customers. With the help of which the customers share their opinions or reviews of the product and order the businessmen for their product through costumer white space messages. With this help small scale entrepreneur gets very easy to do business. This app was launched in September 2017.

Now its full version has not come so people can only use its beta version. For its testing, the company, known as netflix, book my show, has been included so that it can be promoted rapidly.

Its function is almost like whatsapp messenger app, just this app helps smooth communication between Businessman and Consumers. Its logo has a large B sign in the middle which makes it different from messenger app.


How to Download Whatsapp Business

whatsapp for business apk and whatsapp business api and whatsapp business Features

Whats App Business Application is available only for android device only, which you can do with Whitspap Business Download. It’s not available for iOS and Windows devices right now.

To download it, you first have to go to the app store of your android device and download an application called Whats App Business Application, you have to click on install which will download your app after which you can use it.


Whatsapp Business App Download

You can download this app from google playstore to download this app. If you want to download Direct Whatsapp Business app from here.