What To Do If Your Website Traffic Is Down

What To Do If Your Website Traffic Is Down : Friends If you are a blogger then you need to know what to do if the blog traffic decreases? Because if the traffic of the blog has started to reduced, then it is a danger bell.

A blog requires traffic. The way in which a movie requires a viewer in the cinema. Just like a blog requires reader or traffic.

But if the traffic is getting reduced for one day or two, then it does not say that traffic is low. Only once a month or a week of traffic is low, you can say that traffic to your blog is decreasing.

First of all, you need to know that the traffic of the blog is decreasing or more is going on.


How know Blog traffic is getting reduced or high

To see blog traffic, you have to add google analytics to your blog. If you’ve already added GA, then OK. If not added, you can add it in the manner described below.

  • For this you open https://analytics.google.com.
  • Now you sign up here with a sign up button.
  • Here you can fill up the details of your blog related information like blog name, url, blog on which topic, country, timezone etc. in the details.
  • Now you can choose the term and service.
  • You have to click the get analytics id button at the bottom.
  • As soon as click on get analytics id button This gives you analytics id and js code for your blog.
  • If your blog is on a blogger then you can copy and paste analytics id.
  • If your blog is on a blogger then you have to type the code in the blogger dashboard >> setting >> other >> google analytics.
  • If your blog is on wordpress then you can copy the js code and add the code of your blog.
  • As soon as you add this code of GA to your blog, it begins to show to your blog’s real time visitor.
  • From here you can see real time visitors, bounce rate, location of your blog.


Now you know how to see the visitor of your blog. If you see a weekly or monthly traffic decrease in google analytics, then you have to follow the methods described below.


What To Do If Your Website Traffic Is Down

If your blog traffic is decreasing, then this is a worrying thing, and if you do not correct it now traffic will stop coming to your blog.


1- Advertise paid on social media

If your blog’s traffic incident has started, you should now start advertizing your blog.

For this, you can use facebook ads and twitter ads and advertise your blog at very low rates.

2- Write unique content –

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you will know that I often keep saying that you write unique content.

Now you might be thinking what content it is written that is called unique content. You can go to other blogs related to the topic of your blog and at the end of the question of the visitor’s comments, you
Can write articles. What To Do If Your Website Traffic Is Down

3- Title is attractive because the visitor will emotionally connect

Even if the title of your article is not eye-catching, or it’s not going to draw the visitor’s attention, visitors will not be attracted to your blog posts.

The first impression on search engine visitor is only by the title of your blog post.

If your article or content is ranked on the first page in the search engine, but it is getting 1 to 2 percent clicks, you still need to change the title of your blog post.

4- Use mobile friendly and lite theme

If your blog is not mobile friendly, then visitors will not even come to your blog, as nearly 80 percent of traffic is coming from mobile at this time.

If your blog’s loading time is more than 3 seconds then you need to change the theme of your blog.

Even during this time of 4G Network, if your blog takes too long to load, visitors will bounce before even opening your blog. Then will not come back again.


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