What is Google Adsense How Does it’s Work

What is Google Adsense How Does it’s Work


When going through to the threadsand i see alot of question by users saying their website did not get approved or it is still under review for months Etc…
I also heard adsense rejects almost 94% of the websites.
I am just wondering what sort of a quality website do you need to get is adsense approval?
And/or why has its become so hard now to get adsense approval compared to likes 6 or 7 years

What is Google AdSense?

The majority of Internet users, probably an aware of Google AdSense,sake of keeping beginners up to date here is a quick overview about to the program and major benefits:

  • It’s own by Google
  • It’s a major source of income for Google. On 2017 earnings from AdSense was $45 billion which represents around 23% of Google’s revenue.
  • It is also free for publishers
  • Advertisers use the Adwords program to advertise their products or services on AdSense website. and They only pay when someone clicks on their ads (PPC – Pay per click)
  • Publishers receive 68% of the revenue and Google 32%. For example if an advertiser pays $1 for a click so then 68 cents, the publisher and 32 cents to Google.
  • The cost per click calculation is based on an auction type system
  • It is very easy to use
  • It is the most reliable advertising platform on the Internet  today and can generate the most revenue for publishers (compared to other similar PPC systems)
  • AdSense besides content web sites is also available for games, videos, mobiles and search products.

You can find out more detail is about Google  AdSense Help Center.

What do you need to make money with AdSense?

So, AdSense is also free and easy to use or you get 68% of the revenues – what else do you need to make more money with AdSense?

#1 – You need  a. content rich website

AdSense loves content rich websites. Content can be of any kind (including text, images, videos), provided that it does not violate the AdSense content policies.

#2 – You need a. high quality website

It’s not enough to publish content that its does not site violate AdSense content policies but you also need to provide for high quality content on a high quality web site.

#3 – You need a. LOT of traffic

AdSense is a good way to make money online and/or it is perhaps the easiest method provided that you have a good amount of quality traffic coming to your website.

#4 – You need to. target the right keywords

used by advertisers to promote their products  – .so the competition is greater and/or this raises the earnings per click (EPC)

#5 – You need to. fully comply with AdSense policies

Remove from your mind any idea for tricking to the system and/or always remember that they have hired to the best people to make sure that nobody will be able to bypass their rules and policies.

#6 – You need to. have a website with a purpose and not a made for AdSense website

While AdSense is a great way to monetize a website, websites that are made for to the sole purpose of running  is AdSense ads are not favorable by Google.

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