10 Ways How we waste time when on Holiday Trip

10 Ways How we waste time when on Holiday Trip

 10 Ways How we waste time
Your vacation is an your hard-earned freedom. After months, and sometimes years, of a slogging you finally have that opportunity and where you get to go out or visit a place where you do not live! You spend time or money planning each or every detail of the trip,and making sure you have to the best facilities or that you do not miss out on anything in the new place. After months of planning,and you finally get to board the train or/and the plane that will take you to the place you have been yearning for since forever! Now,and wait right there. Are you ready to take on the vacations? Well, before you do and just make sure you do not make these silly mistakes and/or waste your time on your hard-earned freedom!

10. Updating your location

updating location

your tour and trip was Fully planned out Even before, you had announced it to the Public and social media that you would be going to a particular place. Its Latest Breaking news – no one needs an regular update of where you are. Seriously, the check-in function is not meant to disclose your location by the hour. It can also be harmful to your own self!


9. Reading


Except you have spent more money to go all the way to your dream destination or are now wasting it on a normal book which will be waiting always for you once you get back. I’m quite sure even your nearest friends and family member will be laughing at you secretly up above.


8. Browsing Facebook

browsing facebook

It just does not happen to public that being unaware about others’ lives for a week and a month will not hurt them. Family member, friends, amazing travel books ( this list right here!) strongly i will advise you against social networking while travelling. It has been reiterated so many times that even Facebook and twitter or instagram feels the shame.


7. Uploading pictures instantly

Instant pictures

Unless you saw something saw breathtaking that the world social netwpork can just not wait to see, hold that image.


6. Cribbing about the food/water

cribbing about food

Learn to adjust with current Time. If you whine about how you can’t eat that food and how disgusting that water source looks, well you should not have thought about travelling. A lot of times, your friends and family member keep searching for places which give their kind of food. I Hope You Enjoy Reading 10 Ways How we waste time when on Holiday Trip.


10 Ways How we waste time when on Holiday Trip


5. Live tweeting

live tweeting

You have thousands and millions of followers or your almost-Twitter-Celeb status is giving you the urge to live tweet your current experience. Listen carefully: S.T.O.P. Well. Share that experience but 1st, experience it fully. 10-15 minute you will be thinking ‘what should I caption this memory?


4. Spending time at the place where you’re staying

spending time at hotel

We take also pride in choosing the best hotel in the city and country or living there. Unless you have gone to spend money only on luxury hotels, get out! The place must be famous for its hotel and its services but the real thing lies on the streets when you meet public, visit places or try the lifestyle of that place.


3. Meeting relatives

meeting relatives

Actually, you must never try to plan a trip to any place in the world where any of your relatives live. It’s a big problem for you as well as for them. Once you tell your family that you’re going somewhere, they’ll load you with meet them and spend time and fully waste your time.


2. Shopping

shopping on vacation

Especially for the Females, there can be nothing more wasteful than shopping and parlor. We are living in a globalized world. Everything is available everywhere. so don’t waste your time in shopping.


1. Focusing on work


Do you really want to pick up that call and video chat with Skype from office and other? So you can’t enjoy the Trips now, can you? Well, whatever you do, own a Company and have a job, it really can wait. Work interfering with vacation can always give you more stress and headache than relieving you of it.

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