If you want to become a millionaire then leave the job

If you want to become a millionaire then leave the job

Let’s first exercise a little. Think of your list of any of the 3 million people in your city … .. please do not miss this step, please be sure!

Now tell me is there anybody who has a job in this list? I am not in my list, I would like to tell you the names which came in my mind. I am a resident of Panipat, Haryana and these people are from the same:

  • Dr. Agrawal, who has his own hospital
  • Mr. paliwal- who has export / import business
  • Mr. Jitendra who own colleges

One thing in all of these is common. People work here but they do not employ anybody here. These are all entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, businessmen are not but employees.

I also asked this to some friends, even in their list there was no job name. Now this is another thing that if you insist on meditation then some people will find it, but most of them have either become white or the whole crop will be cleaned. ? If the job is to make Crorepati hair white then the job is not bad. four-five promotions and in 16- 24 years you will become Crorepati … but if you become such a child, it will not be for you … and fun is for you. Why? And if you have to become Crorepati yourself then you have to become an entrepreneur.

One thing to say here is that some people do not see those who wish to make more money with such respect, but I think that by looking at this inflation, there will be a change in their thinking … .taking more earning is to make a big difference. Is changing from; It is a good thing to see my desire to earn more money, provided it does not work wrong to earn it. And perhaps this article should also be read by the same people who have such a desire, or else they would have gone on to some other topic after reading the title of the article. Let’s now come to the main issue:


How to quit a job?

The question is absolutely fine. But there is a bigger question than this: “What will you do if you quit the job?” If this second question is in your mind, then I have no answer. Because these are the sounds from you that you want to do. And if this is not coming then you are not ready for such a step right now … but it is confirmed that if you want you can prepare yourself over time.

But if you are one of those who have a dream, whatever big, some great, something you want to do then you have to think about the question first. Because if you do not think right now then it may be even more difficult for you to think in the future:

Your responsibilities will increase, that means your ability to take risk will be reduced.
Maybe your salary increases and you understand yourself. That “the floating brother is coming to the money … what else is needed.”

Some people might think that lecture is easy but it is very difficult to do. The truth is true, but it is also true that it is difficult to do but not impossible.

If Dhirubhai Ambani had not left the job of petrol pump, would there be a company like Reliance today? If Narayan Murthy had not left his job of Patni Computers then would there be any existence of Infosys today? and the most popular bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan also worked first in Shaw Wallace and later in a shipping firm named Bird & Co, if he had not even heard the voice of his heart, then where could India get such a big hero?

These are very big examples which we all know but be sure to know that there are thousands of successful stories on which people have turned their thinking into reality … leaving the streets of the village to make the city’s booths themselves . He has made himself a millionaire and many others have made Lakhpati. If you want to become a millionaire then leave the job

But the first question that was still ours was, “How to quit a job?” He is the same. It is not a matter of saying that this is a very big step, and can not be taken anywhere. He can take this revolutionary step only, who has a strong desire to do something in his mind and he is too passionate to execute his plan. Those who are really passionate about doing something, they do not think much of the things around and they just seem to be in their efforts.

But most of us (including me) want to do something, but we have a fear that if we fail then whatever will happen will also go away. This fear is also reasonable. That’s why I think it can be good to find a middle path, like starting a side-business. This is an old self-destruct method, which you may have seen around you. After office timings and on holiday, people do their side-business and when they come on the business track slowly, they quit their jobs and spend the whole time in business.



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