Why Your Wallet Gives You Back Pain | Heavy Purse syndrome

Why Your Wallet Gives You Back Pain | Heavy Purse syndrome

Today in the office I got a very useful forwarded mail, the same I am sharing with you:

This is something we do not pay much attention to everyday life in Marra, but it can create many problems in your spine; Especially for those who work late on the chair. I’m talking about your purse here

Whenever you sit to work in the office, make sure that your wallet is not kept in your back pocket. Not only the valet, you do not sit by putting anything in your back pocket.

Your purse can be very painful for your back and waist, and it can affect your feet. For a long time, sitting on the purse can shrink your sciatic nerve, due to which you may have piriformis syndrome, back pain and self-inflicted sciatica (self-inflammatory sciatica.)


Your wallet works like a wooden stomach and distorts your pelvis, spine, and body alignment. Just like you do not sit on a brief case or stone for long, you should not sit too long on your wallet. If someone keeps the purse behind and runs for more than half an hour, then he may also complain of back pain and sciatica.

The best option is to keep your purse in the pocket next to you. If it is your compulsion to keep the purse in the back pocket, take it out before at least sitting.


End of Mail

When I got this mail, I forwarded it to many of my friends. In response, my friend johny told me that he himself had faced this problem, and then I felt that this thing should not be taken lightly and I immediately removed my wallet and put it in my drawer. I will also request to you that you take it seriously, and also warn those who know you.

Such problems which show their effect gradually are very dangerous, as long as we get to know about them, they have suffered a lot, so it is better that we can get rid of it before it gets hurt.

Please share this information with as many people as possible.Thanks

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