How to wake up early morning, Waking up early benefits

How to wake up early morning, Waking up early benefits

Most of us have never tried this occasion to get up early in the morning. Maybe some of you may have succeeded, but if you talk about the majority, they can not succeed in putting such a habit. But after reading this article I am sharing with you, the probability of your success will definitely increase.


How to wake up early morning, Waking up early benefits

   Aristotle has said –

It is good to raise before sunrise, such a habit makes you healthy, prosperous and intelligent.

Are the people born in the morning like this or can they be made? In my case, surely I have made such a thing. When I was twenty-one years old, rarely used to go to bed before midnight. And I almost always slept late. And often my activities started from noon.

But after some time I could not ignore the deep connection between rising in the morning and being successful, even in my own life. Whenever I got up early on those rare occasions, I have found that my productivity has almost always been high, not only in the morning but all day. And I have also realized myself to be good. So being a proactive goal-achiever, I decided to put the habit of getting up in the morning. I set my alarm clock at 5 am …

– And the next morning I just woke up from noon.

Hmmm …………

I tried several times again, but it did not work. I thought that maybe I was born without a gene to rise in the morning. Whenever my alarm sounds, the first thought in my mind is that I should stop that noise and go to gold. For so many years I kept doing this, but one day my hand started to sleep research, so I knew that I was solving this problem wrongly. And when I applied these ideas, I continued to succeed in the morning.

It is difficult to get used to the morning with wrong strategy, but it is relatively easy to do this with the right strategy.

The most common wrong strategy is that you think that if you have to pick up early in the morning then it will be better to go to bed early. So you see how many hours you sleep, and then slip all the things before some depth. If you sleep from midnight to 8 a.m. then now you decide that we will go to sleep at 10pm and get up at 6am. It sounds rational but most of the ways do not work.

It seems that there are two ideologies to carry sleep patterns. One is that you sleep everyday at the same time and get up. It’s like the alarm clock on both sides – you try to sleep the same hour every night. It seems practical to live in a modern society. We should have a proper estimate of our plan. And we also need adequate rest.

The second thought says that you listen to your body’s needs and when you get tired, then go to sleep and then get up when naturally break your sleep. The root of this approach is in biology. Our body should know how much rest we need, so we should listen to it.

With Trial and error, I came to know that both methods do not give complete sleep patterns. If you worry about productivity, both methods are wrong. Here are the reasons:

How to wake up early morning, Waking up early benefits

If you sleep on certain times, sometimes you will go to sleep when you are not feeling very sleepy. If you are looking for more than 5 minutes in sleep, it means that you are not feeling well right now. You are spending your time lying on the bed; Are not sleeping Another problem is that you think that you want to wake up every hour just to wake up everyday, which is wrong. You do not need an equal sleep every day.

If you sleep as much as your body tells you, you probably will sleep more than you need to sleep – in many cases, more than 10-15 hours a week (much like a whole waking-day) Most people who sleep like this They sleep 8+ hrs every day, which is usually too much. And if you are arriving at a different time each day, then you will not be able to plan properly in the morning. And since sometimes our natural rhythm does not match clock, then you will find that your gold time is moving forward.

Combining both approaches for me proved to be effective. It is very easy, and many people who wake up early in the morning do so without knowing it, but for me it was a mental-breakthrough. Solution was to go to bed when sleep is coming (only when sleep is coming) and get up at a certain time (seven days a week). That’s why I get up at the same time every day (in my case 5 am) but I go to sleep everyday at different times.

I go to bed when I’m feeling very fast. My sleepiness test is that if I can not read one or two pages without a book, it means that I am ready to go to bed. Mostly I sleep within 3 minutes of going to bed. I lie down comfortably and I feel nervous soon. Occasionally I go to sleep at 9:30 am and sometimes wakes up till midnight. Mostly I go to sleep between 10 am and 11 pm. If I was not feeling sleepy then I would stay awake until my eyes started closing. Reading at this moment is a very good activity, because it is easy to know that it should now be read or should fall asleep.

When my alarm rings every day, first I close it, stretch up to a few seconds, and get up and sit down. I do not think about it. I have learned that as long as I’m late in getting up, the more chance that I will try to sleep again.That’s why once the alarm has stopped, I do not let the conversation in my head, There are advantages. Even if I want to sleep, I will get up immediately.

How to wake up early morning, Waking up early benefits


After using this approach for a few days, I found that my sleep patterns are set in a natural rhythm. If any night I got very little sleep, the next night, I would come to sleep early and I would sleep more. And when I had plenty of energy and I was not tired then I would have been less sleeping. My body understood that when I was going to send to sleep because he knew that I would always pay for it and that no agreement could be made.

One effect of this was that I now sleep almost 90 minutes every night, but I would have felt that I had taken more rest than before. I would have been sleeping for as long as I was on bed for as long as possible.

I have read that most insomnia patients are those people who go to bed before sleeping. If you are not sleeping and feel like you will not sleep soon, then get up and keep awake for some time. Stop sleeping until your body starts leaving the hormones that do not make you sleepy.If you go to sleep only when you are sleeping and you get a certain time then you will be able to treat insomnia.The first night you are late Wake up till you go to bed, you will come to sleep. On the first day you may be tired because you slept late and got up very quickly, but you will continue to work all day and sleep the next night Sector will go Some days you will be settle into a pattern which you Jaynge at roughly the same time in bed and sleep immediately Jaynge.

So if you want to get up early (or want to control your sleep pattern), then try this: Go to sleep only when you are really feeling very sleepy and get up at a certain time every day.


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