Upcoming Clash of Clans Events, clash of clans events list & Calendar

Upcoming Clash of Clans Events, clash of clans events list & Calendar


Here are the list of upcoming some ideas and suggestions for clash of clans I hope you enjoy.

Clan star bonus. (Every once a week, clan members should gather stars for a large surprise bonus!)

Gem hammer (In the menu, you should be able to buy a gem hammer bonus for 300 – 500 gems. A gem hammer will make your builder’s work 50% faster. Gem hammer bonuses last for 3 – 5 days.)

Sticky trap (A hidden trap that explodes sticky glue like substance trapping troops for at least 3 – 5 seconds.)

Warrior (Warrior should be a fast durable troop that carries an axe and a shield. The shield has its own hit points. Once the shield is destroyed by defenses the axeman is vulnerable.)

Hole trap (A hole trap is a trap that should trap low house spacing troops in a hole.)

Hoplite (Hoplite is should be a troop that can throw a spear in a far range attacking air and ground.)

Grand warden secondary ability (Since the Grand warden is wizard like.Grand warden should have a second ability to summon 5 wizards in battle.

Better base report (I’ve seen people draw swear words on bases using walls. You should be able to report those bases with a flag and a report description.)

Custom clan flag (You should be able to draw or edit your own clan flag for 100 gems.)

Remove this feature! (You can say swear words on global chat like pens or sht by using an upside down exclamation mark. Unfortunately supercell has not censored it.)

Ice wizard (We all… well most of us loved the Ice wizard from the December update. Why did supercell have to remove it?!?)