Top 20 Universities in the World | World University Ranking

Top 10 Universities in the World | World University Ranking : The British magazine ‘Times Higher Education’ publishes the Top 10 Universities in the World every year. There are two things that make up this list. First level university studies and second university research.

Recently, the 2017 list has been published. And it is a matter of great sadness that every time this time, none of India’s specialties have been able to make the top 100 place. The main reason for this is not the new research environment in our universities. Another report recently published states that India, with nearly 20 percent of the world’s population, contributes less than 1 percent in new research at the global level.

These figures are enough to make recent statements of our country’s universities. While Japan’s two universities in a small country in Asia have made the top 20 place. Now we will tell you Top 20 Universities in the World | World University Ranking.


1. Harvard University, United States

Top 20 Universities in the World | World University Ranking

Top 20 Universities in the World | World University Ranking

Harvard is the oldest institution in higher education in America. These universities came into existence in 1636. Then it was known as ‘New College’ or ‘The College of New Town’. But on 13 March 1639, it was renamed Harvard. This name was named after John Harvard (formerly the donor).

Harvard claims that there are more than 40 Nobel Prizes winners from here. Please state that the main campus of the university is spread over 210 acres. At the same time, there is also the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies.


2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States

In 150 years, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has given more than 70 Nobel Prizes to the winners. According to the Times Higher Education magazine, eight of them are currently faculty members.

Around 168 acres of university campus spread over 10,000 students are provided with architecture and planning, engineering, humanities, arts and social sciences, management, science and health science and technology.


3. Stanford University, United States

Railway tycoon Leland Stanford founded the University in 1891 in memory of his son. At the age of 16, his son had died. After Harvard in America, Stanford is known as the best university.

Hewlett-Packard and Google are the only alumni to set up giant companies such as Google. Stanford is the world’s third richest university. About 7,000 undergraduates and around 4,000 graduate students are trained here.


4. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Newton Law, Rutherford Atomic Model and Darwin’s theory of evolution, all of whom have been formerly Cambridge students. The University was founded by Oxford scholars in 1209. At present there are more than 8,500 staff in Cambridge. At the same time, about 18,300 students are taking training.


Top 20 Universities in the World | World University Ranking


5. University of Oxford, United kingdom

26 British Prime Ministers, at least 30 leaders of the world, 12 saints and 20 chief priests have lived here. Oxford came into existence in the 13th century. With the world’s third oldest university, it is among the top institutions for 12,000 students. There are 38 colleges under it. Top 20 Universities in the World and World University Ranking


6. University of California, United States

From the detection of Vitamin E and Flu Viruses to the missing Scarlatti Oprah, even the first divorce law of America was drafted in the same university. The University of California was founded in 1868.

Since then, more than 20 Faculty Nobel Prizes have been won. At present, about 36,000 students are taking training. With over 10,000 postgraduate students. Top 20 Universities in the World or World University Ranking


7. Princeton University, United States

This university, which came into existence in 1746, resides in the hearts of Americans. The university claims that more than 30 faculty and alumni have been awarded Nobel Prize winners. Spread over 500 acres, there are 5,000 graduates and 2,500 postgraduate students in this university.


8. Yale University, United states

Yale is America’s third oldest university. Five students have been President of the US and 17 Supreme Court judges. There are a total of 24 libraries in the university, where approximately 12.5 lakh books are available.

India’s human resources development minister Smriti Irani claims that he has a degree in this university. At the same time, the opposition party Congress says that Iranians are lying.


9. California Institute of Technology (Caltech), United States

Caltech is an academic institution focused on science and engineering research. About 2,300 students, including 300 faculty members, are taking training. University claims that there are 31 (present and former faculty members, including alumni) Nobel Prize winners.

Caltech manages the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for NASA. Also operates the global network of research facilities and celestial observatories. Top 20 Universities in the World & World University Ranking


10. University of California (UCLA), United States

The University of California (UCLA) is also called cinematic magnets. In fact, apart from a famous film and television school, it is close to Hollywood. Founded in 1919, approximately 38,000 students receive training in this university. This institute includes five graduate colleges, seven professional schools and five health science schools.

11. The University of Tokyo, Japan

12. Columbia University, United States

13. Imperial College London, United Kingdom

14. University of Chicago, United States

15. University of Michigan, United States

16. Switzerland Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland

17. Cornell University, United States

18. Johns Hopkins University, United States

19. Kyoto University, Japan

20. University of Toronto, Canada


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