Top 10 World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Companies

Top 10 World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Companies 

The world “Pharmaceutical” comes from Greek word “Pharmakeia” with the modern translation as “Pharmacia”. We all are aware of many existing pharmaceutical companies as we have used many of their medicines during our sickness phases. Many people owe their lives to many life saving medicines without which they might not have seen another day in their life. Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for discovering new drugs, marketing them and getting them licensed for their use as medications. All drugs so produced have to go through a strict process of patenting and testing and are subjected to all sorts of safety checks and a variety of laws and regulations. These pharmaceutical companies not only play a very important role in the medicine industry but also play a significant role in the revenue industry and the development of a nation. It employs thousands of people per plant and thus helps in the GDP of a country. The Indian pharmaceutical industry stands at the third position in terms of volume and 14th in terms of value. Though United states is still the largest pharmaceutical market in the world. According to a report by IMS Health the global market size of pharmaceuticals is expected to reach nearly $1.1 trillion in 2017. Though the world might face recession but the pharmaceutical industry is more likely to shine through it and grow more rapidly.

Pharmaceutical industry is growing fast and many industries are emerging more prominently among others with their peaking sales and healthcare revenues. Here is the list of top 10 world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

10. Lilly

9. Abbott Laboratories

8. Johnson & Johnson

7. AstraZeneca

6. Roche

5. GlaxoSmithKline

4. Merck

3. Sanofi-Aventis

2. Novartis

1. Pfizer

Pfizer is the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical industry based in the United States of America. Its research headquarters is located in Groton, Connecticut. Pfizer has developed many medicines and vaccines like Sutent, Zithromax, apixaban, Macugen, Lyrica, latreperdine, etc. in the areas of oncology, infections and infestations, cardiology, opthamalogy, neurology and psychiatry. The Pfizer Company’s top selling drug is the cholesterol drug namely Lipitor at $12.7 billion. Pfizer has $44.4 billion in pharmaceutical sales and has gained a net profit of $8 billion. The company was founded in 1849 in New York City by cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart. The discovery of Terramycin in 1950 paved the pathway of the company’s growth from a small-scale chemical company to becoming the world’s largest pharmaceutical industry. Pfizer also was involved in quite many controversies including lawsuits that were filed against it for illegal marketing of the arthritis drug Bextra, experimenting a new drug during a cholera outbreak in Nigeria on children which led to the death of about 50 children and one of its acquired companies called Quigley which sold asbestos-containing insulation products for years; a settlement deal is being negotiated till date between the asbestos victims and Pfizer.



Top 10 World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Companies

Top 10 World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Companies

Top 10 World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Companies



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