Top 10 World’s Fattest Countries

Top 10 World’s Fattest Countries


It is generally accepted that advancements in medical technology has resulted in increased life expectancy of people around the world. Technology has definitely improved our lives but what about the lifestyle? Is the routine that we follow healthy to see our body fit? Does it breed laziness within us? Changing lifestyles and emergence of people’s interest in fast foods and such junk items has reportedly increased the cases of obesity among the masses.  Obesity is the extreme condition when the body gains far more weight beyond the optimum prescribed levels. Obesity is a serious health concern today as it is responsible for increased heart related problems and various other diseases including cancer.  Canned food, high calorie food intake and less physical activity are all responsible for the rise of obesity. The report submitted by the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes 10 countries as the fattest in the world considering general fitness and average weight of the citizens.  It is high time that the officials take stringent measure to tackle this issue and educate the people on the risk factors and how with nutritious food and regular exercise they can be back to being physically fit.

10. Hungary (Obesity rate 18.8%)

9. Germany (Obesity rate 20.2%)

8. Canada (Obesity rate 22%)

7. Norway (Obesity rate 22.4%)

6. Slovakia (Obesity rate 23%)

5. UAE (Obesity rate 23%)

4. Czech Republic (Obesity rate 24.2%)

3. Australia (Obesity rate 24.6%)

2.  New Zealand (Obesity rate 26.5%)

1. USA(Obesity rate 33.8%)

Topping the list is USA, with a whopping 34% obesity rate that would just pop your eyes out.  The promising land of science and technology has unfortunately inculcated all the bad food habits and haphazard lifestyles, no wonder, one day the consequence had to be of such magnitude.  Apart from this, about 1-4 lakh deaths are reported to be due to morbid obesity annually. Consumption of potato chips, red meat, sweet drinks along with excess junk and canned food dependency are listed out as the factor responsible for this. Anti-obesity efforts are now popular and kicking off to reach people and give them the insights into the risks of being obese and how to maintain the body.


Top 10 World’s Fattest Countries

Top 10 World’s Fattest Countries

Top 10 World’s Fattest Countries


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