Top 10 World’s Biggest Unsolved Mysteries

Top 10 World’s Biggest Unsolved Mysteries : There are many mysteries in the world, despite the millions of efforts of the scholars, even today, the unresolved is unsettling as to what is the secret of the mysterious story of Festos Disk? What is the truth behind that 18th century monument in London?

What is the backbone of the DOUOSVAVVM code, there are many mysteries in the world, including Voicemo manuscripts, Cryptoos, Tum Shade, 300 million-year old iron screw, Tiatihuacan city of Mexico, and so far the curtain has not been raised. These abstruse mysteries have been being discussed for a long time, but they have not been resolved till now.

It is worth mentioning that the list of those attempting to crack the DOUOSVAVVM code includes a large number of people like Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin. He said goodbye to the world, but DOUOSVAVVM’s knit is still confused. We will tell you about Top 10 World’s Biggest Unsolved Mysteries.


1. Voynich Manuscript

It was acquired in 1912 by Wilfrid M. Wynyich, a Polish-born American archaeologist book seller. Voynisch Manuscript is a complete 240-page book that uses such language and scripts that hardly anyone can read. As you are seeing in the picture, the entire book is full of colorful artwork and odd-looking lines. The kind of plants that have been told in the pages, hardly get to see them on this earth.

So far, it has not been clear that who is going to write this book. With the help of carbon dating, it has been revealed that the book has been written between 1404-1438. It is known as the world’s most mysterious manuscript. Some believe that it would have been designed as a pharmacopoeia so that medieval or modern therapeutic subjects can be explained.


2. Kryptos

The meaning of cryptoos is from mysterious graffiti. This is a mysterious encrypted sculpture created by American artist Jim Sunborne. It can be seen outside of the CIA headquarters in Langley W, Virginia.

This is a mysterious puzzle that many are trying to solve. For your information three of the four messages of Jim’s cryptose have been cracked. At the same time, the fourth world has become the most discussed unsuspecting knot.


3. Phaistos Disc

The secret story of Fastos Disk, Hu-Bu-Hoo Hollywood movie looks like Indiana Jones. It was discovered by Italian archaeologist Luigi Parnier in 1908. This disk is made of cooked clay, which contains many mysterious symbols. These symbols represent the unknown hieroglyphics. Heroglifics is a kind of picture script.

It is believed that the festos disk was designed in the second millennium BC. At the same time, some scholars believe that these Hieroglyphics reflect linear A and Linear B symbols. This type of language was used in ancient times. Today, the most popular puzzle remains among these arch archaeologists.


4. Shugborouh inscription

This 18th-century monument from Stephordshire looks like Nicholas Pousin Poussin’s famous painting ‘Arcadian Shepherds’ from a distant view. But when you look closely, you will find that a curious sequence of letter DOUOSVAVVM will be seen on artwork.

DOUOSVAVVM is a type of code, which has passed over 250 years, but no one has ever cracked it so far. Tell you that many of the world’s big scholars tried to crack it, but failed. These include up to a large man like Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin. Top 10 World’s Biggest Unsolved Mysteries


5. Tamam Shud case

This episode is considered in Australia’s darkest mysteries. Tum Shad Case, linked to an unknown man found dead in Somartan on the coast of Adelaide in December 1948. Apart from the fact that the deceased never identified, the piece of paper became an unsolved puzzle, in which the word ‘Tama Shad’ was mentioned.

Adelaide Police got this piece of paper from the pocket of the deceased. When the word was translated, it came to know that it means ‘end’. This word has been used in the poem ‘Rubyat’ of Omar Khayyam. This secret went deeper, when a collection of handwritten notes was found in Khayyam’s collection. It is believed that before dying, only this person would have pressed this piece of paper in books.


6. Wow Signal

It’s about summer days in 1977. Volunteer Jerry Ehmann of Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) became the first person to receive a message sent by aliens intentionally sent by another world. Ehmann then was scanning the radio signals coming from the depths of space. They received these signals for 72 seconds. When he saw the Measurement Spike, he thought that it was a message sent by some scholar aliens.

When the case was scrutinized in depth, it was discovered that the Signal Space had come from Tau Saigitari Tare. Let us tell you that this star is located at a distance of 120 light years, where there is no scope for any human being to be far away. Ehman wrote the voice on the signal out of the signal, since then it has been called a wave signal. However, such a signal never received again.” Top 10 World’s Biggest Unsolved Mysteries ”


7. Rongorongo

Rongorongo is a system of mysterious glyphs, written on various artifacts located on Easter Island. Many believe that it used to be a language in some age, whose ancient humans would be used to write. However, this still remains an unsolved puzzle. Nobody has come to know what the things on those artifacts mean.


8. The Babushka Lady

This Mystery Judy is from the assassination of American President John F. Kennedy. When FB I was watching a video in connection with John F. Kennedy’s assassination, he found a woman in the video who had put a cloth on his head and was shaking the video with the camera. He lives on it for a long time even after all the people have gone. In the end, he goes into a street.

When I tried to detect that woman, I could not find her. Finally, in the end, he appealed to the woman to send the shoot video to him so that there can be some help in the case. But the woman did not do that, and till date even The Babushka Lady has not been able to find out who she was and what video she had shot. This case is one of the biggest failures of F B I.


9. Teotihuacan City of Mexico

Tiatihuacon is located just off the outskirts of Mexico City. This is a ruins city of pyramids. The original name of this place is not Tiatihuacan. It was discovered by Agtex and he gave this name to this place. Actually, Tiatihuacon means Place of God.

Agtecs believed that this city suddenly appeared in the Middle Ages. 500 years ago this place has turned into ruins. However, there is no other concept about its existence, because there is nothing available about it in writing. Yet this structure remains a mystery even today. Looking at this settlement, it can be estimated that 25000 people will be living here.

It has been built like a modern grid system, just like it happened in New York. Any bone found inside a pyramid here indicates that a large number of people would have been sacrificed here. Top 10 World’s Biggest Unsolved Mysteries


10. 30 Million old Screw

In 1998, Russian scientists were investigating the remains of a meteorite, some 300 kilometers away from Southwest Moscow. During this, they found a stone piece, in which iron screw was attached.

According to geologists, these stones are 300 million (300 million) years old. Then neither used to be an enlightened species nor used dinosaurs on earth. The iron screw is clearly visible between the stone. Its length is one centimeter and diameter is three millimeters.


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