Top 10 Tips for Microsoft Powerpoint

Top 10 Tips for Microsoft Powerpoint

Do you want to know how Wikipedia defines Microsoft PowerPoint? It is a proprietary commercial program developed by Microsoft. Definitely we can say that usage of PowerPoint cannot be limited within this definition. PowerPoint is the software used to create or form slide shows in a meeting held at business organizations and classrooms. Among the software available for presentation, MS-PowerPoint has been ranked 1. It offers you a way to design your oral thoughts in a video or slide show manner with effective pictures, videos and et al. With all these description, you might think that MS-PowerPoint is one of the difficult software in terms of usage. And those who had given some bad PowerPoint presentation in the past, you might also think the same. In case you have any such thoughts, now it is the time to re-learn, because PowerPoint is the easiest software to make effective presentations among the software available for making or creating presentations. Here with these 10 tips you can make the presentations that are best in terms of quality.

10. End with a blank slide:

9. Use  proper charts:

8. Insert video clips & pictures properly:

7. Create a video of a presentation:

6. Use proper visible structures:

5.   Avoid movement of slide elements:

4. Use bullet point sparingly:

3. Use proper font style:

2. Use master slide:

1. Three P’s-Planning, Practice, Preparation:

Finally don’t forget about these three P’s. They are Planning, Practice and Preparation. The above nine factors dealt with what you have to do in Microsoft PowerPoint. But this one deals with your mental ability. Planning how to deliver the slides saves you from getting panic at the last minute. Preparation saves you from red faces. Finally, practice gives you more confidence and makes you more perfect. Remember that without practice you cannot achieve anything. There is no substitute for practice. All of the great speakers reached those heights only because of practice. Practice everything you want to present and don’t do the same by memorizing it. Memorizing the presentation would be more detrimental if you had forgotten something in the mid of presentation.





Top 10 Tips for Microsoft Powerpoint

Top 10 Tips for Microsoft Powerpoint


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