Top 10 things to do if Today was your Last Day

Top 10 things to do if Today was your Last Day:

Live life as if there was no tomorrow. Live each moment as if it were your last. You sure would have heard this one time or the other in your life. Everybody tells you to do this and warns you against doing that. One always has numerous plans and ways to lead one’s life. We all have decided what our future is going to be like. We all have thought over where we see ourselves ten years down the line, courtesy: the oh so clichéd interviews of today’s corporates and every other educational institution as well. However, if you are struck by a zombie apocalypse or a calamity strikes only you or the universe has conspired against you and leading to your death in the next 24 hour, what next? What would you do, except panicking? Now that is what we are here with. Our intention is not to make you a pessimistic drudge. As they say, a little bit of far sightedness does no harm! So we have gathered top 10 things that one must do as if today was one’s last day on the planet Earth!

Top 10 things to do if Today was your Last Day

We all crave and crib for good food. And if today is your last day, how can you afford to miss those yummy chocolate pancakes and blueberry cheese cake? Not at all! Food, for you, can no longer be related to survival, so better make the most sinful meal for yourself and indulge into a blissful moment of epiphany. And when cheese is here, how can we forget the irresistible wine? So we suggest that you pamper yourself hard and give yourself an enigmatic royal treatment. Make an indulgence out of the basics. Binge in!

Top 10 things to do if Today was your Last Day

10. Binge In!

9. Plan Your Funeral

8. Loot a Bank

7.  Go Splurge!

6. Rent a Lamborghini

5. Have a Photo Shoot

4. Take Some People Along

3. Write A Personal Note

2. Have Sex!

1. Spend Time Together

Top 10 things to do if Today was your Last Day

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