Top 10 Things that are Most Overpriced

Top 10 Things that are Most Overpriced:

We, the people, do want to save time and money. But it would nearly be impossible to save both time and money simultaneously. Let us assume that you are standing in a long queue to buy the movie tickets. You are quiet sure that when you reach the counter, the tickets for the show would be sold out. At the same time, you are at the verrge to watch the movie. Therefore you would be willing to buy the ticket from other persons at a higher cost. Here you could save your time but at the value of money. Similarly the person who is selling the show ticket to you, could save his money but at the value of time. This is the presentation for latter type of people.

We would come across the following things on a day-to-day basis. These are the things we shouldn’t be paying for. Here comes the list of top 10 things that are overpriced. This list is strictly for the people who want to make more of their money and not for the people who are always behind the time.

Top 10 Things that are Most Overpriced

Top 10 Things that are Most Overpriced

10. Hotel in-room services:

9. College text books:

8. Greeting cards:

7. Coffee:

6. Printer ink:

5. Brand name fashions:

4. Brand name drugs:

3. Movie theater popcorn:

2. Tax return preparation & other accounts:

1.Bottled water:

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