Top 10 Most Smuggled Things in the World

Top 10 Most Smuggled Things in the World:

Have you ever smuggled a phone in your socks out of a classroom to avoid getting caught by the teachers; food into a movie theatre so that you do not have to pay for the super expensive food there? What other innocent things can you think of smuggling in and out of somewhere? Smuggling essentially means transferring goods or people illegally from somewhere, namely from buildings, prisons and across international borders. Everything can be smuggled nowadays, starting from a packet of snacks to actual human beings. Smuggling of goods started in the middle ages since goods started getting taxed.  And this golden tradition has flourished and branched out since the good old days of smuggling wool, wine and hide.

10. Food

9. DVDs

8. Cigarettes

7. Mobiles

6. Money

5. Minerals

4. Exotic Animals

3. Drugs

2. Arms and Weapons

1. Humans

Every year thousands of people make the decision to leave their country behind and go to more prosperous countries in order to find a better life. These people wanting to cross over to other countries get helped by smugglers who get paid. This money goes into financing various kinds of organised crimes. Human smuggling of immigrants is different from human trafficking where the victims are taken by force against their will or under false pretext and then sold into prostitution and the human traffickers make their money from this exploitation of the unwilling victims. Thousands of people die while being smuggled in; they suffocate in too small containers, get lost in deserts or die at sea. A few years back, in 2001 a 135lb woman was found in the dashboard of a car near the US-Mexico border. If only every country had open borders where people could just walk in and out of a country just by walking across pavements, just like it is so for people living in Baarle-Nassau, where one can stand on the pavement beside a cafe with one foot in Netherlands and the other in Belgium.


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