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Top 10 Richest Wrestlers in the World | Latest Updated 2018

After the Football and Cricket or racing, among the Most popular sports or entertainment is the Wrestling. Since years, Wrestling Industry has seen the rise or good popularity among the people making the wrestlers and superstars or earn more and more.

Not only in Wrestling and the Professional Wrestlers are making name in portraying main lead roles in Shows and Movies worldwide. Although the Wrestling profession is very risky as many injuries are related to it but this makes the wrestlers garner more bucks and worldwide exposure.

WWEW restling, formerly known as WCW and WWF has given many superstars to the world or their popularity has made them the world icons. Top 10 Richest Wrestlers in the World


10 – Chris Jericho – {$18 Million}

Chris Jericho Million

The WWE superstar Chris Jericho was born in the year 1970 in New York in Manhasset. He was a former Wrestler in WWE or now is an Anchor and Actor or author. In his WWE career and he has won approximately 32 championships or has been the pioneer for the undisputed Wrestler champion of WWF. He remains undefeated earning the titles of World Championships and World heavyweight championships and Grand slam or many more. He is a great musician too having released 6 albums worldwide. He shook his legs on, “Dancing with the stars” and a dance based reality show in the year 2011.


9. Kurt Angle {$21 Million}

 Kurt Angle 20 Million

The former Wresteler champion wwe from Pennsylvania started his Wrestling fights right from a tender age from 7 years. His WWE Wrestling journey as a champion started from school after winning the State Wrestling championship Trophy. Since then, Kurt has won Wrestling Championships in College and Silver, Bronze or Gold medals at the Olympic games or finally associated himself with the WWE in the year 1996-1997 winning numerous accolades. i Hope You Enjoy Reading Top 10 Richest Wrestlers in the World


8. Big Show:  {$22 Million}

Big Show Million

The real name of Big Show and It is Paul Randall Wight Jr. His stage name is Big show matching his gigantic persona of 7.1 feet height and 442 pounds weights. Paul Randall Wight is a famous American Wrestlers in WWE or has done a Some movies too. His WWE titles include Intercontinental Championship and Hardcore Championship or United States Championship. He rose to fame in the year 1996-1997 by winning the 60-man Battle royal or Annual world war 3. He is still associated with WWE or does fights along with working with various Hollywood production Studios.


7. Stephanie McMahon {$25 Million}

 Stephanie McMahon 25 Million

The Former WWE Diva or now This present time the General manager of Entertainment Company and Stephanie McMahon was born in the Connecticut in year 1976. She is the daughter of famous Wrestler or WWE owner Vince McMahon. Before entering the WWE Stage as Wrestler Stephanie was model from the age of 13-14 for WWE Merchandises. She was 1 of the very beautiful WWE Divas or married to WWE superstar or the Executive Vice president of WWE, Triple H.


6. Triple H: {$29.6 Million}

Triple H Million

Why the WWE Wrestling superstar is known as Triple H. It is because his name consists of 3 Hs, Hunter Heart Hemsley. He was also very interested in Bodybuilding or later on, his passion took the wrestling side making him among the Most top WWE superstars of all the time. In the year 1992-1993, he joined the Wrestling school or in the very same year and he had his 1st fight. He has won various Championships in WWE or is known for his signature move. Triple H married to WWE diva or the General manger of WWE and Stephanie in the year 2003. Triple H is now the Executive Vice President of WWE Industry or has tried his hands on acting too. i Hope You Enjoy Reading Top 10 Richest Wrestlers in the World


5. Scott hall {$30 Million}

 Scott hall 30 Million

Scott Hall was born in Maryland. And He Is very famous American professional Wrestler. Scott Hall started his WWE Journey in the 80s in Florida or later on joined WCW. He has won Intercontinental championships and United stated Heavyweight championships and Tag team championships.


4 – John Cena: {$40 Million}

John Cena Million

American Wrestler and actor rapper, Cena was born in the year 1977 in Massachusetts. John Cena started his Wrestling Journey with Ultimate Pro wrestling or in his debut fight and Cena won the UPW heavyweight championship. He is also one of the Smartest male Wrestlers in the world. He then associated himself with WWE or proved his worth by winning several titles. He holds the record of being the 7th wrestler to win the WWE championship title for so long in the past along with winning the Royal matches Two times. He released his Rap album” You can not see Me” which topped the charts. He has also made appearances in many Hollywood Movies or is very popular among the kids.


3. Steve Austin {$45 Million}

 Steve Austin 45 Million

Stone Cold Real Name IS Steve Austin popularly known by his stage name, He was born in the Texas in 1964. Steve Austin is retired WWE wrestler or now Hollywood actor or producer. Steve Austin Is a Big Part of many hollywood movies like The Stranger, Hunt to Kill,  Recoil,  Knockout, Tactical Force and the most Famous Movie is The Condemned and The Expendables (2010). 

During his WWE wrestling journey he won the world championships for 6 times or Royal Rumble for 3 times. His co wrestlers have names him to be among the very Famous WWE superstars in the history.


2. Dwayne Johnson {$125 Million}

 Dwayne Johnson 125 Million

Dwayne Johnson And the Stage Name is The Rock is worldwide famous name of a Hollywood Movies who has proved his worth in Acting as main leads. He was football player before shifting his focus to Wrestling career or is said to be one of the Best wrestlers of all times. He then shifted his focus to Hollywood Films and acting after retiring from Wrestling. He Is Lead a Man Role in hollywood movies like The Rundown, Fast & Furious Series and Walking Tall, Baywatch etc.


1. Vince McMahon {$800 Million}

 Vince McMahon 800 Million

Vince McMahon, the CEO of the Most Populer Entertainment industry WWE is a former Wrestler or now the commentator or promoter of WWE. He was Pro wrestler or has won World championships or Royal Rumble matches. He has diversified investments including Majority of stocks of the entertainment company and properties or earning through Movies producing. This has made him First the list of Top 10 richest wrestlers in World.

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You will never get a second chance at making a great 1st impression, or  the art of French kissing is 1 of those life experiences that you want to get right the 1st time. French kissing can be a lot of fun if it's done correctly; but get it wrong, and/or it could be a relationship turn off. French kissing correctly begins with the knowledge of step by step instructions from those that have mastered the art of French kissing.

How to French Kiss Step by Step


1. Preparation

Successful French kissing begins with proper oral hygiene or a bit of planning. Be careful what you eat. Obvious turn-offs such as onions, garlic, or tuna are not wise choices, but other food items such as alcohol, cheese, or spicy foods, can also make your mouth a no go zone. Whenever possible, keep a travel toothbrush or a breath mint with you, you're going to want to make sure that your breath is fresh before you begin planting the passionate kiss.  

2. Find the Right Angle

When you are ready, lean in to your partner at an angle that avoids any collision with your nose. You will also want to angle your head back to avoid bumping heads. Begin this step going in while gazing deeply into your partner's eyes, and close them as you lean in for the kiss.  

3. Moisturize and Start Slow

Before your lips meet for the first time, take a moment to lick your lips to moisturize them. Start out slowly placing tiny kisses beginning at the corner, and working them to the center of your partner's lips. You will want to control the closed mouth kiss, enjoying the friction of your lips against your partner's while building up passion for the open mouth French kiss. Make sure your heads are in a comfortable position before moving on to the next step.  

4. Work the Way In

Now try deepening the kiss by opening your mouth slightly and encourage her lips apart with your lips. Take your time, it's not a marathon, if your partner shows any signs of withdrawing, resume closed mouth kissing. But if your partner appears to be enjoying it, keep parting her lips, moving them in a slow, circular motion. The idea is to start with slow movements to open the mouth as passion intensifies, and the kisses become steamy.

5. The Tongue Comes into Play

French kissing is not complete until you use your tongues. You can start by tracing your partner's lips with your tongue, or inserting your tongue gently in their mouth. Be patient and try coaxing their tongue to interact with yours. The goal is to get the mouth open, so your tongues can take the passion to new levels.  

6. Have Fun!

Once you have succeeded, you can alternatively touch your partner's tongue gently, and explore the inside of their mouth. Try alternating lips with tongue and start touching tongues against each other lightly, but going back to the lips frequently, which acts as a simulation of the sexual act itself. Once you're passionately kissing, use your tongue as a tool to explore and have fun with your partner, kissing gently, but passionately.

7. Don't Forget to Breathe

As silly as it might sound, don't forget to breathe! Remember that when French kissing, you will not want to run out of breath. You should be able to comfortably enjoy the moment, exploring your partner's mouth and tongue. Focus on the moment, enjoy the sensations, explore possibilities to increase the pleasure; but above all, keep up the intensity of the kiss, and show your partner just how much you love to French kiss them.

8. Stop Slowly

Don't just stop all at once. Gently roll back the intensity of your French kissing until you're back to those lip touching kisses, and let them trail off gradually.
If it still bothers you with the how to French kiss step by step instructions above, watch this for a clearer demonstration:

Tips for Better Kissing

1. Good Hygiene

Aside from having a clean mouth, you'll also want to have a clean body prior to any date. Proper hygiene includes bathing or showering, and using a good deodorant. The cleaner you are, the more irresistible you'll be for your date.

2. Proper Grooming

Before you apply the instructions of how to French kiss step by step, pay attention to your appearances. You don't have to wear fancy clothing, but you'll want to dress up for the occasion. Make sure whatever you wear compliments your overall appearance. Your clothes should be clean and attractive; and the more attractive you appear, the more inclined your partner will be in getting close up and personal.

3. Appropriate Lipstick (for Girls)

Do not overdo it, ladies! As it relates to lipstick, try using a shade that is flattering your lips, making them look kissable. A nice touch might be using lip-gloss, as long as it's not too sticky. Remember not to wear heavy or darker shades of lipstick; it just ends up making a mess of you and your partner's face.

4. Before the Kiss

It's important to set the stage before the kiss. You'll want to slowly and gradually ease your date into the mood. This is accomplished by exchanging loving looks, and gazing into each other's eyes. Gently stroking your partner's hair or face, caressing the back of the neck, or rubbing your partner's earlobe, sets up the very passionate French kiss.

5. Keep It Private

Unless you're into public displays of affection, French kisses, especially the first ones, should be in a private setting. Try setting the mood with some music, it will probably enhance the romantic moment.

6. Additional Tips

Things you should look out for with the how to French kiss step by step instructions:
  • If you're sitting on a couch or love seat, turn towards each other.
  • Learn to know the difference between if they're toying with you, or teasing you, by refusing to get closer.
  • Pull your partner closer to you using gentle pressure, but try not to be insistent or forceful.
  • If your partner shows any sign of resistance, slow down or stop completely.

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