Top 10 Most Haunted Places In India – Haunted locations

Top 10 Most Haunted Places In India – Haunted locations : Many of our blog readers had urged us to write a detailed article on Top Hunted Places of India. When we collected information about such places, more than 50 names were added to our list. Now it is not possible to write articles together at all. That’s why we are providing information to you in Top 10 Most Haunted Places In India .


1. Bhangarh Fort – Alwar – Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort is situated in Alwar district of Rajasthan. This is India’s Top Most Hundred Place. It is called Bhangarh of Bhosra in a colloquial language. The story of Bhangarh is very interesting, Bhangarh resides in the 16th Century. Bhangarh flourishes for 300 years.

Then here, Maharatar Tantrik Sindhu Sevda becomes obsessed with black magic on a beautiful princess. She does black magic to subdue the princess but dies herself by hunting herself but before she dies, Bhangarh is cursed by a waste of time and, incidentally, after a month of her marriage with the princess in Azadgarh and Bhangarh residents are killed . And Bhangarh becomes desolate.

Bhangarh, who has been dead since then, is a desolate till today and says that the ghost of the people killed in the battle still wanders in the fort of Bhangarh on night. Because of the curse of Tantric, all those lberation could not be attained. This place is now under the department of archaeologists and they have given strict instructions to stop it in the fort after sunset. Top 10 Most Haunted Places In India or Haunted locations


2. Kuldhara Village – Jaisalmer – Rajasthan

Kuldhara village of Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, which has lost its life for the last 170 years. Kuldhara village was a village of Paliwal Brahmino. Thousands of people of Kuldhara village had gone to evade a village girl from Ayyash Diwan Salam Singh in the same night, and after leaving the village they went away and cursed as they went there that no one else would be able to come here again. Since then, the villages have lost the desert. It is said that this village is in the possession of Ruhani forces, and once a laugh plays this village has been transformed into a ruin today.

According to those who came to roam in Kuldhra village who have turned into tourists place, the tragedy of Paliwal Brahmins living here is still heard. There they have such experiences that Harpal is running around. The voices of the market tremendous voices, the voices of their chips and legs always talk about women, making the atmosphere of them always frightening.

The administration has made a gate on the outskirts of this village, but the tourists visit the place during the day but no one dares to cross the gate at night. In May 2013, the team of Paranormal Society, which was conducting research on ghosts and spirits from Delhi, spent the night in Kuldhara village and recorded cross-cultural activities here.


3. Lambi Dehar Mines

Lambai Dehar Mines is situated on the outskirts of Mussoorie. Limestone was mined here before 1990. At that time, about 50000 laborers used to work here. Lime (Chime) goes into our body and gets accumulated in the lungs and turns the lungs into stone so that the person becomes a bloody cough, which causes his painful death. To avoid this, there have been many safety rules for limestone mines, but in Lambib Dehri mines, there was no rule of following such rules. At that time a large number of laborers would die of this disease.

Apart from this, in the absence of the safety rules in those days, there were also many incidents of falling from the hill of Trak on the work in that mines. Consequently, the government has stopped the mines for ever due to the ignorance of safety rules. Since then, this place has been deserted. Wherever there were 50000 laborers, there are now hardly 1000 people.

In the vacant mines air home, large trees have grown. According to the stable people, the mines and houses now lying vacant are now the place of souls. Here the voices of people talking about the night are heard. Another thing that makes this place terrible is that moving cars, buses, Trako’s sudden road to go to the north, which often leads to serious incidents.

Even a helicopter has crashed mysteriously on it. All these places together place this place in the list of India’s Most Hundred Place.


4. Kings Church – Velsao – Goa

It is said that the spirit of three Portuguese kings in the Kings Church of Goa wanders and many times people who come to the church also realize their presence. People here say that at any time there were three Portuguese kings. They often fought with supremacy.

Once, a King called Holger invited the other two kings to this church and he was poisoned and poisoned. When people came to know of this incident of Holger, they surrounded the palace. Seeing the public resentment, the third king committed suicide. The body of the three kings was buried in this church. Since then, this church is considered to be inhabited by ghosts. Top 10 Most Haunted Places In India – Haunted locations


Top 10 Most Haunted Places In India & Haunted locations

5. Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb –  Mehrauli, Delhi

This mosque is located in Mehrauli of Delhi. There is a Sultan of 9th Century Sultan Jamali and Kadali’s grave. People are confident about this place that there are jinns here. Many people have had scary experiences in this place. Sufi saint was the poet of Jamali Lodhi Hukumat. After this, the Jamali was greatly appreciated by the reign of Babur and his son Humayun.

It is believed that the construction of the Tomb of Jamali was completed during the reign of Humayun. There are two marble graves in the tomb, a jamali and the other kamali. The Jamali kadli mosque was constructed in 1528-29. This mosque is made of red stone and marble.


6. Agrasen ki baoli – Conn-aught Place – Delhi

Agarseen’s Bawdi is situated on a short distance from the capital, Kanat Place in Delhi. In the 14th century, Maharaja Agrasen had constructed this Bawdi. Its length is 60 meters and the width is 15 meters. This ancient monument is preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). It was always full of water at some point in time, but now it has dried up.

It is prevalent that its dark water used to seduce people and motivate them to commit suicide. To reach the bottom, 106 steps have to be dropped. Despite being under the ASI, the people do not know much about it if you ask anyone about this by visiting Connaught Place and then they will disclose the ignorance.


7. Ramoji Film City – Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City located in Hyderabad has been built on the place where Nizam Sultans fought some brutal battles in history. This film city, especially the film city, is a center of excellence in the hotels. The day here comes here, something happens or something that makes us realize the supernatural forces.

Such as falling on the ceiling of the light while shooting, falling down the light men sitting above the invisible forces (this has happened many times and on many occasions the light men are seriously injured), the food left in the hotel On returning, getting scattered over here, there is something weird written in Urdu on the glass of dressing.

It is believed that the souls of the dead soldiers wander here. One strange thing is that these souls are more troubled by the soul. As if he is in the dressing room, he looks a strange shadow, when he takes a bath, his bathroom is locked out from the outside. Several measures have been taken to get rid of them, but no special benefit has been done so far. “Top 10 Most Haunted Places In India – Haunted locations”


8. Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal

Kurshing, a hill station in Darjeeling district of West Bengal. Its distance from Darjeeling is 32 KM. Its height is 4864 feet. The local name of Kurshingang is Kharsang, which means ‘Land of white orchid’.

Kurshinga is primarily known for its boarding schools and tourism. But there is a mystery attached to Dow Hill from Kurushing, which it adds to the list of India’s Top Most Hundred Place. A large number of self-murders have taken place in the forests of Dow Hill.

It is common for human beings to see human beings in this forest. Therefore, weird sensation and rate is felt in the atmosphere here. Apart from this, local people here say that during the vacations from December to March, they hear the sound of feet at the Victoria Boys’ School.

Even a logger has even said that he saw a young boy walking in the forest while walking the corpse, which went away somewhere and disappeared in the trees. Well, it is a fictitious thing, but a person who goes to the jungles of Dow Hill does not deny that the place is haunted or not, but it is very scary.


9. Brij Raj Bhawan Palace – Kota, Rajasthan

In the building of the 1857 rebellion, the British resident Major Charles Butten was killed by the rebels. It is said that since then Major’s soul is wandering in this palace. The ex-queen herself herself says that she had seen Major in the hall in 1980, where she was killed. At that time the Queen used that hall as her drawing room.

Currently it has been transformed into a heritage hotel. Many tourists and employees have also seen the ghost of Major wandering in this palace. Although this soul does not harm anyone. Only one thing in this Major’s soul seems bad; it is the duty of the janitor and the House Keeper at the time of duty. The soul wandering in the Palace of Brijraj Bhawan, whenever he sees sleeping on duty or smokes it, makes a loud slap.


10. Barog Tunnel No : 33 – Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

This tunnel was built by an English engineer, Baroda. Hence it is also called Barog tunnel. A painful story is associated with the Barog tunnel. It is said that the English Injuries Barog, who created this tunnel, has made a big mistake, that once the work of making tunnels from both sides started.

With an error of approximate the two ends of the tunnel could not be found, due to which he was fined one rupee. It is said that by this mistake he became so much sad that one day he went on a walk with his dog and shot himself and killed himself. It is said that the spirit of that English engineer wanders in today. Although this soul is considered to be friendly.


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