Top 10 most expensive Advertisements of the World

Top 10 most expensive Advertisements of the World, Expensive TV Commercials, World toppest Ads

Everyone knows the importance of advertisements and when it comes to marketing of a product and service because of its various benefits such as wide reach and effective communication etc. When a commercial is created,and it has to meet certain objectives or aims by the marketer and advertiser. The cost of a commercial does not just involve production costs but running and/or other costs too.And They are required to pay a certain fee depending on medium and timings etc.
Moreover it is a known fact that the slots during Super bowl commercials are to the most expensive and It is said that it costs around $2.8 million to get your ads telecast-ed during the Super bowl games. With increasing costs or competition,and the advertisements are always 1 step ahead of the other in order to stand out from the clutter. Whether or/and not all these expensive adverts gave back more than what was invested and is still not determined. Here are the top Ten costliest advertisement campaigns in the history of commercials.

10) Monster website commercial – Budget not available


9) Adidas – Budget not Available


8) Honda – $6.5 million campaign


7) Pepsi- $7.53 million campaign


6) Chrysler – $9million campaign


5) Carlton draught beer- $9million campaign



4) Aviva Life Insurance-$13.4 million campaign


3) President George W. Bush’s -$14.2 million electoral campaign


2) Guinness beer -$13.4 million campaign


The 13.5 million domino advertisement called “Tipping Point” has been First of the most popular ads that has not used special effects or used the concept of falling dominoes with real life objects. The 1: 33 seconds ad shows almost 5999 objects falling on each other continuously as a chain action. Top 10 most expensive Advertisements of the World


1) Chanel 5 -$33million campaign


This Four minute ad for the signature Chanel 5 -$33 million campaign perfume was directed by Baz Lurhrmann in the year 2004 and He  was also known for being the director of the famous Films – “Moulin  Rouge “It features Nicole Kidman who was also in his movie or even the screenplay or visuals of the ad resembles the movie. This 2.14 minute ad was made in Australia or costed an approximate $33 million. The production cost was extremely high reason being the fact that Nicole Kidman was paid a whopping $5,000,000 for her tedious 4 days of shooting.

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