Top 10 Man Made Marvels In The USA

Top 10 Man Made Marvels In The USA:

Various lists of the Top 10 wonders of the world have been compiled since antiquity till present, to catalog the world’s most spectacular wonders- both natural and man made. While these wonders are located all around the world, it is a fascinating fact that America alone houses an overwhelming number of architectural marvels. Structures ranging from the magnificent obelisk to the gigantic dams, structures carved in the indomitable mountains, structures that push the limit of physics beyond what was ever deemed possible and the structures that symbolize the very spirit of a powerful nation.

The crazy horse memorial is the world’s largest sculpture-in-progress. It is a mountain monument complex that is under construction since 1948. Critics wonder why the project, which already has cost tens of millions of dollars over six decades, remains incomplete !  Though it is not complete yet, and in fact its construction seems far from completion at this point of time, I have nonetheless included it in this list, because when completed, it will become the world’s largest sculpture, as well as the first non-religious statue to hold this record since 1967. Being constructed on the land in the Black Hills, South Dakota, it lies only a few miles away from Mount Rushmore and depicts Crazy Horse, an Oglala Lakota warrior, riding a horse and pointing into the distance.

10. Crazy Horse Memorial

9. Willis Tower

8. St. Louis Arch

7. Golden Gate Bridge

6. Washington Monument

5. Empire State Building

4. Hoover Dam

3. Seattle Space Needle

2. Brooklyn Bridge

1. Mount Rushmore


Top 10 Man Made Marvels In The USA

Top 10 Man Made Marvels In The USA

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