Top 10 Lord Krishna Life Facts

Top 10 Lord Krishna Life Facts:

The Halo of angel replaced by the awe-inducing peacock feather and the melodious flute in place of swords and shields, fighter stance replaced by one foot on ground and other bent slightly. This is perhaps the most loved Gods of Hinduism. Lord Krishna is not just looked upon as a protector, he is a savior, friend, philosopher, fighter, romantic and everything you want from the One and lot more than you can ever dream of. Few of the Life facts of Lord Krishna are listed as follows.

10. Death

9. Mahabharata

8.Wives and Gopikas

7. Kans Mama

6. Childhood victories

5. Spells of Innocence and Mysticism

4. Love struck Ladies.

3. The way we see Krishna

2. Friendship

1. Companion


The flute is always there when we picture Krishna. The flute is said to awaken the birds a melody so surreal that people stopped mid-way to just listen to the music. It is said that Radha herself didn’t like Krishna’s love for flute. The jealousy was well known and chuckled at. The different view of flute is that it always has seven holes. Krishna flows through the flute and they are an entity in them-self. Human is laced with seven deadly sins and when we fight the seven sins, Krishna flows through us and we get the sweet release after death. The flute is more than forest reed, it’s our way to ‘moksha’

Famous tale of Sudama and boiled rice. In the learning phase Krishna and Sudama were fast friends. Once when they were in the forest together, having spent the whole day there, both children were hungry. Sudama however requested to finish off Krishna’s food as well. For his friend Krishna gave it up. In later phase of life when Sudama was ridden with poverty he approached his childhood friend on insistence of his family. Sudama took boiled rice for the King of Dwarka and as Krishna ate individual grains of rice, Sudama’s house is said to transform and fill with wealth. However Sudama felt guilty of approaching Krishna for monetary reasons and hence he spent his life outside the mansion, away from the wealth and sticking to the olden way of life.

Top 10 Lord Krishna Life Facts

Top 10 Lord Krishna Life Facts

Top 10 Lord Krishna Life Facts


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