Top 10 Largest Terrorist Attacks Ever

Top 10 Largest Terrorist Attacks Ever

Terrorism is the favor of demanding something that is impossible, and demanding it at gunpoint. Everyday in news papers we read about diseases, deaths and not to forget about the deadly “Terrorism attacks” . Other issues have some remedies and prevention but the terrorism is the only issue which was, is and will be a biggest threat for any country. Some dates are never vanished in the world history , for instance, 9/11 for USA and 26/11 for Aamchi Mumbai. There is also this belief that we invite terrorism by ignoring them, It is very hypothetical to comment on terrorism . But now  a “war against terrorism” is an impracticable conception where we are fighting terrorism with terrorism. On stopping  this terrorism  one has to remember this quote from Noam Chomsky  “Everybody’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s a really easy way: stop participating in it” .However,  here are the top 10 unforgettable largest terrorist attacks ever.


10) Ma’a lot Massacre Terrorist Attacks:

9) TWA Flight 841 Terrorist attacks:

8) Manhattan Attacks:

7) Chechnya Border Attacks:

6) Anthrax attacks:

5) World Trade Centre (WTC) Bombing of 1993:

4) The Wall Street Bombing:

3) 26/11 Mumbai attacks:

2) The Okahlama city bombing:

1) 9/11 attack (WTC):

The worst attack ever in the world history. It is reported that 2.993 were dead and 8,900 were injured. It literally has some videos and pictures showing the fall of victims from the top most building (from burnt section) facing death very pathetically! 9/11 attack on World Trade Center is truly on top of the list as it is the worst terrorist attack so far that has been faced by humans living anywhere in any part of the world. As it is known to all,  these attacks were planned, monitored and executed by the world’s top most terrorist Osama Bin laden. He brought nightmares to all the US public.

Four planes were planned but only two were hit to the twin towers the others missed the target  wherein one out of the other two hit the Washington pentagon and the last one was crashed into the field in Summer set County. It was a well planned tragic attack ever. It affected Nation’s foreign and democratic rules and policies. It raised doubts against the nation’s security and intelligence power.More importantly it affected all the IT countries which lead to a big set back called “recession”



Top 10 Largest Terrorist Attacks Ever

Top 10 Largest Terrorist Attacks Ever

Top 10 Largest Terrorist Attacks Ever

Top 10 Largest Terrorist Attacks Ever


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