Top 10 Insane Futuristic Bikes You Must See | Flying motorcycle

Top 10 Insane Futuristic Bikes You Must See | Flying motorcycle

If you thought that ultra cool, futuristic motorcycles were only to be found in movies such as Tron: Legacy and Mad Max: Fury Road, you’re wrong. There are numerous magnificent advanced cruiser ideas accessible today – a considerable lot of them created by driving car producers, for example, BMW, Panther and even Evade. What’s more, regardless of whether these are simply cool models or functional machines that will before long be seen on city avenues, a significant number of these cutting edge ideas are genuinely mind blowing. Regardless of whether you welcome the plan components or the amazing motors, it is hard not to adore these 10 cutting edge bike ideas:


10. Honda CB750


The concept for the Honda CB750 was unveiled in 2015 and it immediately turned heads in the automotive world. While this futuristic looking motorcycle might appear a little too bulky for some people, it is a pretty cool design that looks very far out.



9. Indian Motorcycle Speed Racer

Check out this bad boy courtesy of the radical designers at motorcycle manufacturer Indian. For many people, the Indian Motorcycle Company already makes the coolest bikes in the world. But their concept for a futuristic motorcycle is pretty amazing too.


8. Ferrari V4

What’s wicked about this motorcycle is that it looks like a Ferrari. One glance at the V4 concept and you say to yourself, “Hey! That looks like a Ferrari.” And that was exactly the point of this bike. The designers at Ferrari say they set out to make a motorcycle to match their most famous cars.


7. Dodge Tomahawk

Granted, the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle is a bit unconventional. It does look a little like you’d be straddling a furnace. However, the Tomahawk is still a pretty cool, futuristic concept. Based on a Viper V-10 motorbike, the Tomahawk features a beefy 500 horsepower engine and technically has four wheels – though they are basically merged into two wheels.


6. Jaguar M-Cycle

This motorcycle concept is both strange and pretty awesome at the same time. Jaguar gets points for designing a motorbike that literally looks like, well, a Jaguar. The M-Cycle takes the Jaguar concept to new heights. People who purchased this bike would literally be straddling a Jaguar.


5. Scarab Motorcycle

We’re not sure what the designers were thinking with the Scarab Motorcycle concept. But in terms of being futuristic, this motorcycle looks to take the cake. It alternately looks like a cross between a fast three wheeler and a futuristic wheelchair. The dual concepts make for a very interesting look and feel.


4. BMW’s Halbo Future Duo-Wheel Bike

This concept from Germany’s BMW not only looks super futuristic, but prototypes of the motorcycle were actually developed. People who are looking for an incredibly small and fast motorcycle need look no further than this design. Designer Pierre Yohanes developed the Halbo for eco-minded consumers who want something compact that is electric powered.



3. Yamaha Tesseract Four Wheeler

A lot of futuristic motorcycles involve four wheels instead of two. And no company has gotten the four wheeler concept better than Yamaha with its Tesseract design. Even the name sounds like something from the future. At first glance, this bike may look like something from the next Transformers movie, but it’s actually meant to be taken seriously as a real and possible machine.



2. Honda EV-Cub

The Honda Cub ranks high on this list for being a futuristic motorcycle that looks plausible and like something we may actually see in the future. Designed by Sam Jilbert, the Honda Cub is a somewhat unconventional motorcycle concept that would be powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell.


1. Hornet Superbike

It does not get any more futuristic than a motorcycle that is essentially reduced to one giant wheel. And that is what you get with the Hornet Superbike concept. Called a gyro bike by its designer, the Hornet Superbike is another futuristic one-wheeled motorcycle concept. It would have the ability to zoom around at the speed of a typical motorcycle, but would be powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell six-phase Neodymium-Iron electric motor.