Top 10 Household Items that Can Kill You

Top 10 Household Items that Can Kill You:

Life is a gift. We know accidents do happen on roads but what if I say it can happen in our homes too many of which may even take your life? In our daily schedule, we use various goods ranging from organic to electronic, from a match stick to a gas cylinder. We don’t pay much attention as to what is going in our house due to lack of time because of our fast lives. Various research works around the world have shown that there are more number of items in the common household than there is outside which have more probability of killing you. Also the danger is high because these things stealthily covert the fact that they are potentially lethal and one may not be able to conceive the impending disaster. It is not that just using these items will be lethal but avoiding to abide by the precautions while handling these may. Following is the list of the top 10 most lethal household goods which we use in our daily life but with least care. The list would enlist things from everyday life and the necessary precautions needed to handle them.


10. Places of possible water stagnation

9. Weak hooks of ceiling fans

8. Pesticides or Insecticides

7. Mosquito repellant coils

6. TV antenna

5. Naked electric wires

4. Insect killing sprays

3. Objects of ignition

2. Sparking switches

1.  Gas cylinders

Gas cylinders are almost a thing without which we can’t think of surviving today. Without them cooking is like next to impossible. Just as they are a part and parcel of our lives, they have certain dangerous aspects too. In fact, gas cylinders are the most lethal household which we use. We hear burning cases due to gas leakage quite often in the newspapers. A 15 kg of the mixture of Methane, Ethane, Butane and few other combustible gases is sufficient to burn a house into flames. The knob of the cylinder should always be closed after its use. While going out of the kitchen, it should be made a habit to check the stove for any possible leakage. We should always be cautious while lighting the stove. Spend some time to follow these precautions. Stay aware, stay safe.

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