Top 10 Haunted Railway Stations In World

Top 10 Haunted Railway Stations In World : There are many railway stations in the world, where the discussion of the presence of ghosts remains the day. Many people have died in these horror stations, due to this, people also away from visiting these stations.

If someone looks at ghosts dancing on these haunted railway stations, then someone is seen wearing red clothes. Not only this, at many stations, people have died after seeing these ghosts.

Today we are going to tell you about Top 10 Haunted Railway Stations In World in this post, where ghosts are inhabited and people are afraid to go. Many of these stations have been closed for this reason too.


1. Bishan MRT Station, Singapore

This station is the most famous of Singapore. This station was built on the grave of B Shan Teng. This station was inaugurated in 1987. It was a matter of 1990, one woman coming out of the train realized that she was surrounded by someone else’s hands.

At the same time, an employee working here also saw a coffin on the track. Some people heard the fate here too. For this reason people have stopped coming here.


2. Macquarie Fields Train Station, Australia

The Macquarie Fields Railway Station is located in Australia’s south-west of New South Wales, Australia. It is said that here the ghost of a young girl is spinning on late night.

Some people have even heard the sound of its screaming. She is soaked with blood and dances loudly.


3. Panteones Metro Station, Mexico

These stations are made near two cemeteries. When the train passes through the tunnel between the Panteones and the teakuba stations, the walls are knocked on by ghosts. Whenever someone tries to go near it, it disappears. Train engineers always hear the voices of a person. Top 10 Haunted Railway Stations In World


4. Glen Eden Railway Station, New Zealand

This station is located in West Auckland, New Zealand, which is near a cemetery. On January 11, 1924, a worker working at the station, Alec McFarlane, died at the time when the hook of a passing train had entered his eyes. Since then, the soul of this worker keeps on flaunt platform. She is always seen in a gray coat.


Top 10 Haunted Railway Stations In World


5. Waterfront Station, Canada

The waterfront station made in Gaitain of Canada was built in 1915, but now this station is considered to be the most scary place in the city. During the 1920’s, the station’s guard saw a woman dance on the platform.

As she tried to go to that lady, she suddenly disappeared. Likewise, another employee was seen in a white dress by a woman. Since then, people have stopped coming and going.


6. Union Station, Phoenix, USA

By 1950, this station was considered an important railway station in the city. But after the airport was built in the city, the station was closed in 1955. After this a employee who worked here had seen the ghosts on the station.

Dudley Weldon, who oversees the station, says that one day suddenly someone hit her on the head, but she could not see her far and wide. ” Top 10 Haunted Railway Stations In World “


7. Connolly Station, Ireland

It was considered Ireland’s largest station, which was blown away in 1941 during World War II. This station was re-organized in 2011.

But there was always a ghost of a soldier at this station. Later this station was closed.


8. Addiscombe Railway Station, England

This railway station was dropped in 2001, because in the early 1900, a train driver was killed on this line. After his death, his ghost was often seen as a ghostly shadow of ghosts. This shadow was seen even when the station was broken.


9. Caobao Road Subway Station, China

This railway station of Shanghai was once known very well, but suddenly people from this station started disappearing. 9 people who died on the platform suddenly died. It is said that one hand comes and kills people.

It is said that a girl committed suicide here, after which she started listening to the noise of her screaming and shouting at the station every night. This station was closed when some people listened to their in-laws.


10. Begunkodor Train Station, India

Beguncodor is a village away from Kolkata. At the station here, the railway worker saw someone and died on the second day. People living here say that a lady wearing white dress never runs on the tracks and sometimes runs on the platform.

Many times he was tried to go to him, but he disappears. Now people are afraid to go here.


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