Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World

Top 10 Happiest Countries World:

So what really decides if you are happy? Happiness means different things for different people; it could be family, career, friends or money. So how exactly do you measure the happiness of countries? Earlier only the GDP i.e. the gross domestic product or the economic condition of a country was the sole indicator of happiness. But in recent times other factors have also been taken into consideration to find out how happy the people of a country are. The two major indices which are used are the “better life index” developed by taking 11 categories into consideration by the OECD (Organization for the Economic Co-operation and Development) whose members include only 34 very prosperous countries, and the other index is the Legatum prosperity index which is based on 18 different variables and has a much broader base of 142 countries. The categories with respect to which these countries are analyzed for finding the happiness level are:

According to the LPI as measured in January 2013, here is a list of the top ten happiest countries in the world in 2013


10. Ireland

9. Switzerland

8. Netherlands

7. Finland

6. Canada

5. New Zealand

4. Australia

3. Sweden

2. Denmark

1. Norway


Top 10 Happiest Countries World

Top 10 Happiest Countries World

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