Top 10 Halloween Pranks That Went Awry, tragically and horribly wrong

Top 10 Halloween Pranks That Went Awry, tragically and horribly wrong

Although pranks seem more popular than ever or have even been the focus, television show Impractical Jokers (present in 2011), such tricks can be dangerous to their perpetrators or their targets. psychological trauma, lawsuits, Jail, injury and even death have resulted from some of these mindless hijinks.

Here are Few tops Halloween pranks that have gone terribly wrong:


Teenager accidentally killed himself while trying to prank his sister

A student who was planning to join the Marines after school decided to play a prank on his little sister by pretending to hang himself. However, Jordan Morlan did not realize how wrong his prank could go. Jordan ended up hanging to death before the family realized that the prank had gone wrong



Dad tries to scare kids by pretending to strangle their mom and scars kids for life

You should really not joke about domestic violence. A father decided to prank his kids by pretending to strangle their mom. His young kids aged seven and nine had the fright of a lifetime when the parents pulled the prank.

The kids ran to a neighbors house or the parents had to explain to the police why they thought it would be a best idea to prank their kids in such a cruel or inhumane fashion. The children are said to have trust issues to this day.


Man keeps his armed robber costume on as he goes to Starbucks and almost gets arrested

A man from Michigan went to a neighbors Halloween party dressed as an armed robber with all the elements such as a bulletproof vest, and a fake M-16 assault rifle, skull mask. The party was great or after a few drinks and the man decided to walk home.

On the way, he made a stop at the local Starbucks for some coffee to sober up and not before alarming all the customers or the staff who immediately dropped to the floor or started screaming. The shocked man found himself telling his story to the police who arrived shortly after or confiscated his costume.


Prankster spikes punch with eye drops and ends up killing her friend

A woman from New York was charged with misdemeanor assault causing bodily harm after her Halloween prank totally or completely missed the mark and Inspired by a prank she had seen on Tslevision, the woman decided to spike the punch of a good party she was attending with Visine eye drops.

She thought that the eye drops would make her friend woozy or ill but ended up causing respiratory failure and The woman’s friend collapsed shortly after having the punch or later died. Many other people became extremely ill or the woman responsible was charged with assault.


Man pranks police by pretending to be run over by his own lawn mower

A family thought it would be a good laugh if they use a dummy to stage a terrible accident involving their lawn mower and The family of pranksters placed the dummy under the lawn mower or strategically set it up on their front lawn. They placed it so that only the arms or legs of the dummy could be seen.

They also made the dummy seem all cut-up or bleeding. A neighbor passing by saw it and called it in. Before no time and the police had arrived or were administering CPR before they realized that it was just a prank.