Top 10 Free Website Speed Test Tools, Website Speed Test

Top 10 Free Website Speed Test Tools, Website Speed Test

The speed of a website can be a critical factor to its success. As discussed in our Content Delivery Network: A Beginners’ Guide, faster loading websites can benefit from higher SEO rankings and higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates and longer visitor duration on site or better overall user experience, or engagement. That is why it is important to take advantage of the many free website speed test tools available out there so you can achieve optimal performance .


What Can a Website Speed Test Help You Analyze?

Here are just a few of the common ways websites speed test tools are used:

  • Pinpointing scripts, fonts, and plugins causing load time issues (HTML, Javascript, CSS)
  • Checking minification of your scripts
  • Finding large images resulting in bottlenecks
  • Determining if you have render-blocking JavaScript or CSS
  • Testing Time to First Byte (TTFB)
  • Analyzing total load times, page sizes, and # of requests
  • Checking performance from different geographical locations
  • Checking rendering speed in different browsers
  • Analyzing HTTP Headers
  • Measuring performance of your Content Delivery Network
  • Verifying that assets are loading correctly from your CDN


List of Website Speed Test Tools

Now that you have a basic understanding of the web performance concepts above, check out these 15 free tools below for testing your website’s speed. Each of them offers their own unique features, reporting, and different ways to dissect your results.

Note: It is also important to realize when running tools like these that a 1st time DNS lookup will usually be slower. If you are comparing total load times it is sometimes better to run tests multiple times and take an average of the results.

Tools Index

  1. KeyCDN Speed Test

  2. Google PageSpeed Insights

  3. Pingdom

  4. GTmetrix

  5. WebPageTest

  6. Varvy Pagespeed Optimization

  7. UpTrends

  8. dotcom-monitor

  9. PageScoring

  10. Yellow Lab Tools

  11. Google Chrome DevTools

  12. Sucuri Load Time Tester

  13. Pagelocity

  14. YSlow

  15. PerfTool

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