Top 10 Famous moments in India-Pakistan Cricket Rivalry

Top 10 Famous moments in India-Pakistan Cricket Rivalry”

Cricket, the gentlemen’s game is one that is loved by many. Nations across the globe play the sport with such dignity and respect; making it one the finest sports to have ever existed. But, one must take notice, that cricket just isn’t a sport in some countries. It’s more than a sport, there’s something reverent about the game which makes a few cricket fanatics worship the sport like a religion. It’s a given fact, that a huge majority of these fans are from two nations that are absolutely rivaled when it comes to cricket. Yes indeed, India vs Pakistan in cricket is just another definition for ‘Explosive’, ‘Nerve-racking’ and ‘Thrilling’. It is a battle in its own way, a special battle that always has something unique about it. And of course, such special battles do have the most special of moments as you’re about to see.

10. Kumble’s perfect 10:

9. The Tendulkar CUT for SIX:

8. Miandad’s last ball SIX:

7. First series win on Pakistan soil:

6. The crowd got into the act:

5.Miandad mocks Kiran More:

4. India Defend 125:

3. Aamir Sohail vs Venkatesh Prasad- 1996:

2. Bowl-out time:

1. India crowned WT20 Champions- 2007:

The inaugural T20 World Cup held in South Africa was absolutely thrilling. First of its kind, it lived up to the expectations of every cricket fanatic. However, such a brilliant concept that raised eye-brows through its success deserved that final icing on the cake. And so it was, as the final of the inaugural WT20 was to be contested between India and Pakistan! Oh the delight, the mouth-watering prospect that awaited millions, and mouth-watering it was. It all came down to the final over, when Pakistan needed 13 in 6 balls to take the title. Having lost too many wickets, the onus was on the shoulders of the ever so composed Misbah-ul-haq to see Pakistan over the line. India skipper MS Dhoni took a huge gamble at that time, throwing the ball to the inexperienced Joginder Sharma to bowl the final over. Eye-brows were raised almost instantly. Misbah was on strike for the first ball of the over and Sharma bowled a wide. Yes, the pressure was telling, and those eye-brows got bigger. What followed was a dot ball, and then the next ball was hurled into the stands by Misbah-ul-haq. 6  from 4 were what Pakistan needed, one wicket in hand. The atmosphere around the ground was a mix of nervousness and anticipation as Joginder ran in to ball again. Misbah shuffled, and tried to lob the ball over fine-leg that was inside the circle. Instead, the ball floated up! Time stood still, as nervous eyes watched. Suddenly, in a split second, everybody knew what was happening. The ball wasn’t timed well, and was on its way down fine-leg’s throat. ‘Catch it SREE!’ were the cries of all the Indian spectators, and boy did he catch it. India won that dramatic final, and was crowned T20 champions. It was the dramatic final that the tournament needed, and no surprises for it being an India-Pakistan final.

Top 10 Famous moments in India-Pakistan Cricket Rivalry

Top 10 Famous moments in India-Pakistan Cricket Rivalry

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