Top 10 Famous Clothing Brands

Top 10 Famous Clothing Brands:

When it comes to clothing and dressing ourselves up, each one of us look for brands. Everything these days is more about labels and the brands. It has become craze and a new mantra of the youth. Brand consciousness is one of the major characters of the upcoming youth. People are willing to spend any amount for a lavish lifestyle. Brands are preferred- in terms of clothes, shoes, cosmetics, eatables, accessories, gadgets and even lingerie. So, here is a list of top 10 clothing brands that people, especially the teens die for:Calvin Klein Inc. is a fashion house founded by Calvin Klein, an American fashion designer. The head quarter of the company is in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Currently it is owned by Phillips Van Huesen. Calvin Klein was initially known for its suits and coats but later it made a name in sportswear and lingerie collection. The brand also includes clothing, fragrances, home accessories and cosmetics. However, fragrances and cosmetic lines were soon discontinued from the market because of heavy financial losses. During 1980s Klein changed the American market of men underwear totally from the market where wives and mothers used to purchase white underwear’s  to one where the American men started caring about the brand of the underwear they wear. Also, advertising played a major role in the success of Calvin Klein.

Top 10 Famous Clothing Brands

Top 10 Famous Clothing Brands


10.  Calvin Klein

9. Hugo Boss

8. Lulu lemon

7. Next

6. Uniqlo

5. Adidas

4. Ralph Lauren

3. H&M

2. Nike

1. Zara


Zara, founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera, is a Spanish clothing and accessories brand which has its base in Arteixo, Galicia. The most remarkable thing about Zara is their vertical integration and capability to design and come up with a new fashion item rapidly. Zara uses its staff to find out the ongoing trend and styles that customer demands. It then designs, manufactures and ships new fashion to all its stores in limited quantities. Zara brings new style in its stores almost twice a week. Zara launches more than 10,000 designs every year. Its apparels are often more demanded and desirable because of the limited quantities and recent fashion trends. A fashion is not seen more than a week long in Zara stores. The stock is changed on every three-to-four days. Zara has over 1700 stores all over the world.

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