Top 10 Most Famous American Gangsters of all Time

Top 10 Most Famous American Gangsters of all Time:

They were the ultimate villains. They lived life king size and ruled kingdoms with iron fisted methods. They made more money than is imaginable and spent it on decadent luxuries and glittering parties. Their cruelty is legendary. Everyone from judges, policemen to senators and presidents were in their pockets. They knew that real power lay with them and were not afraid to use it. Gambling, drugs, prostitution, rackets…. The worst excesses of human behavior were their thriving grounds. Their lives are the stuff movies are made of. And indeed many movies have been made on these enigmatic characters who, despite their downfall, have retained their charismatic positions in American history forever. These are the deadliest gangsters that Amercia has ever seen. They make Godfather, the movie, look like child’s play. Read the list and be glad that you weren’t around when these fearsome creatures walked the earth.

10. Sam Giancana

9. Carlo Gambino

8. Meyer Lansky

7. John Gotti

6. Charles Luciano

5. Louis Buchalter

4. Albert Anastasia

3. Frank Costello

2. George Clarence

1. Al Capone

Not only is he the most famous gangster of America, Al Capone is unarguably the most famous Mafioso in the world. Born Alphonse Gabriel Capone in 1899, he earned the nickname Snorky growing up because of his quick temper and sociopathic behavior. He attacked a female teacher in school when he was just fourteen years old. This got him expelled and he adopted a life of crime straightaway. He moved to Chicago where John Torrio mentored him in the ways of crime. He became addicted to making money. This was made easiest through smuggling alcohol, which was banned in the United States during the years of prohibition. This apart gambling, prostitution and many other illegal operations made him one of the richest mobsters in American history. Anyone who tried to cross him ended up tragically. He loved being the number one and would resort to any means of violence to hold onto that untenable position. He went as far as to order the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre of 1929 to put an end to his enemies once and for all. This violent man did not come to a good end in life himself. He died in 1947 of syphilis. However witnesses claim he had gone mad long before, swimming about naked in pools and laughing maniacally.


Top 10 Most Famous American Gangsters of all Time

Top 10 Most Famous American Gangsters of all Time

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