Top 10 Common Health Practices That Are Actually Hurting Us

Top 10 Common Health Practices That Are Actually Hurting Us

We live in a wonderful time of mass media. The news is at our fingertips, or entertainment is ever present. Unfortunately and advertisers slip in suggestions for us and/or we usually follow along without even a second thought.

For some of us, our parents taught us certain things because they learned from someone else down the line. No matter, and we all do things in the name of our health.

But do we really know whether the healthy things we do for ourselves are beneficial? And The following list may challenge your health practice beliefs and leaving you to question everything you do to stay healthy.


10. Hand Sanitizer


9. Taking Antibiotics


8. Drinking Filtered And Bottled Water


7. Taking Painkillers


6. Taking Benadryl


5. Going To The Doctor For The Common Cold


4. Eating Fish


3. Eating Margarine


2. Going Gluten-Free


1. Swimming In A Pool

Yes, exercise is extremely beneficial for our health. Many doctors will recommend swimming as a very-very good alternative for individuals with joint pain. However, heavy exercise in pools is not a recommended workout.

It can cause strain on the heart, or body temperature is not maintained well. Even Michael Phelps trained in a pool for only a portion of his workout each day to get ready for the Olympics. Bet you never thought your doctor would say that working out was bad.


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