Top 10 Books that Shaped History

Top 10 Books that Shaped History bible history living manuscripts:

Imagine a world free of books or any other type of manuscripts. And think of all those ignorant sapiens that are no less than our ancestor-the ape. We live in a world where although technology has surpassed the traditional form of learning but it will never be able to replace the authenticity of a book. After all history stands evidence to some of the most amazing and eye-opening books for the generations to come. There have been scrolls and tablets, manuscripts and woodblocks; and thanks to these preservation we have a much simpler and organized way of living unlike the other living beings on earth. Undoubtedly we are the ruling race and what makes us different is our ability to read and write our thoughts. At times publication of these items caused a seismic shift in the norms and society was forever changed. The topic is a subjective one, for all of us have our favorites  Here I present you my list of books that changed the course of history.

10. The war of the worlds- H.G. Wells(1898)

9. Plato’s The Republic-380 BC

8. Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica- Sir Issac Newton(1687)

7. The rights of man- Thomas Paine(1791)

6. On the origin of species- Charles Darwin(1859)

5. A vindication of the rights of woman- Mary Wollstonecraft(1792)

4. Atlas Shrugged- Ayn Rand(1957)

3. The communist manifesto- Karl Marx and Frederick Engels(1848)

2. Experimental research in electricity- Michael Faraday(1914)

1. The Bible-4000 BC

What is life without the inspiration of the holy almighty resting above all of us.  A believer or not, everyone follows a set of norms in his life. In fact religion is all about leading our lives in a prescribed manner. The holy Bible, no doubt has done more to change the face of the world than any other text. The entire Roman Empire was converted from paganism to Christianity, after about 200 years of creation of this book. Since then Christianity has become the largest followed religion. The bible comprises two books- the Old Testament and the New Testament. When Gutenberg invented the printing press, the bible was the first book ever published. The sacred text is the most translated and the most purchased book in the world.

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  5. Top 10 Books that Shaped History
  6. Top 10 Books that Shaped History 

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