Top 10 Best Windows Browsers

Top 10 Best Windows Browsers 

Web browser is the software which is required to access the web pages on the Internet. With the advancement in the technology everyday new features are being added to the web browsers. There was a time when the majority of the people were using the Internet Explorer for accessing the World Wide Web. Its dominance was so strong that it had the market share of about 95%. But with the release of many new web browsers this share has considerably declined.

Today we have so many web browsers available to us for use on different operating systems. The user has the option to select and use the web browser according to his wish and desire. We have here made a list of the top ten such web browsers in the world which are best. This article will help you if you are in a need of a good web browser which may process your entire request with added security and features.

10. Avant Browser

9. Deepnet Explorer

8. SeaMonkey

7. Rockmelt

6. Maxthon

5. Opera

4. Safari

3. Mozilla Firefox

2. Internet Explorer

1. Google Chrome

Developed by Google, the Google Chrome made its entry into the world of web browsers in the year 2008 and suddenly climbed the ladder of success with its extraordinary interface.  Today Google Chrome has the desktop web browser share of 39.15% . The security and the interface of this web browser are so strong that people love using it. Further you have the option to bookmark and sync all your Google accounts as per your convenience. It automatically blocks the malware that may harm your system. Its security is so strong that there has been no security breach reported so far. Further you can add plugins according to your requirement. The user has been given liberty to customize the web browser as per his desire.





Top 10 Best Windows Browsers

Top 10 Best Windows Browsers

Top 10 Best Windows Browsers


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