Top 10 Best Computer Hardware Brands

Top 10 Best Computer Hardware Brands

Computers and their use have become so common that almost every individual knows the basic about them. To start with, let me elaborate two essential components of computer at the very grass root level. These two components are called Hardware and Software. Hardware is the comprehensive term for all the physical parts of the computer. It is on which the computer software runs. Keyboards, Mouse, printer, scanner, wireless communication methodology are some of the examples of computer hardware. There are many companies which manufacture computer and also along with manufacture computer hardware peripherals and provide support and services. In fact these hardware offering and services sometimes serve as distinguishable factor between companies. The reason for this is better the hardware, better is the reliability of the customer. Every aspect is directly proportional in this business and because of such a great impact many companies are researching and evolving more in the computer hardware domain.

10. Alcatel Lucent

9. XEROX Corporation

8. Ericsson

7. NEC Corporation

6. Cisco Systems

5. Fujitsu

4. Dell Inc.

3. Samsung

2. Apple

1. Hewlett Packard (HP)

From the day the word desktops or computers came into existence and people started using it, I think from that day we are very well known with the name Hewlett Packard better known as HP. From desktops to touch screen laptops they have been ruling since a very long time. They are managing 200 data centers, 380,000 servers, 5.4 million desktops and 17 million IP addresses. One out of every three servers shipped worldwide is from HP. Such a big company had a very small start with just $538 capital including the equipment by Stanford graduates William Hewlett and David Packard. Many few would know that one of the early customers of this company was Walt Disney studios. They used HP oscillators to make the film Fantasia. They brought in first mass-market laser printer was brought to market in 1989 by HP. Mergers with Compaq and EDS helped HP grown enormously. Another domain where HP Company has emerged a innovator is the management style and employment facilities. Casual work culture, On site recreational facilities, health insurance plans and other different benefits were provided to HP employees which started the trend. HP has been and still retains its number one position in the market of computers.





Top 10 Best Computer Hardware Brands

Top 10 Best Computer Hardware Brands

Top 10 Best Computer Hardware Brands

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