The Most Resilient Jobs During Covid-19

The Most Resilient Jobs During Covid-19

Tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area are among the leading industries of the United States to resume hiring and get back the jobs lost due to Covid-19. While still well below pre-pandemic economic levels, the area shows promising signs of growth as it recorded a record month of hiring. 

In the early days of the pandemic, this tech hub lost over 600,000 jobs. In June, the region recovered 122,000 jobs. Areas of the country with a significant tech presence and low dependence on tourism are recovering quicker. Even with these promising figures, unemployment in California, and the country as a whole, are still well above the numbers at the beginning of the year before Covid-19 shut down most businesses. 


Tech jobs are leading the path to recovery in California and much of the country. These jobs are often easy to complete away from the office. They are considered essential functions for businesses as more consumers avoid gathering in shopping centers to reduce the transmission of the virus. Employers and the unemployed are hoping this trend of job growth continues. Tech companies are looking for various workers to increase production and take advantage of any increase in consumer spending as more of the country goes back to work.

UI/UX Design

Web design and user research are integral parts to successfully building a business online. Web designers, often called UI/UX designers, are responsible for researching, testing, and creating web designs. Restructures to a website can be frustrating for the consumer because new designs don’t feel familiar at first. Still, companies redesign sites to increase engagement and prolong any time spent on the app, webpage, or video. Increasing interactions with the product are beneficial for converting researchers to customers. If sites are challenging to use, consumers will look to other brands. 

Designers and user experience researchers are continually looking to reduce consumers’ effort to find valuable information or complete the desired function. Companies want potential customers to locate what they are looking for quickly, so they have teams of designers working to keep customers engaged. During Covid-19, this is especially important because consumers are saving more than they are spending. You can have this job with a growing job outlook by attending the coding bootcamp at Springboard.

Computer Systems Analyst

There are hundreds of companies developing programs, servers, and computer systems for other businesses to implement. There are many software programs and apps to increase efficiency and productivity for all types of companies. Large and small companies are looking to reduce barriers to reach new customers. There is a lot of noise out there, and business owners can easily be overwhelmed by the number of options. To handle this issue, CEOs hire computer system analysts to figure out which technologies to use throughout the company. 

A computer systems analyst’s job is to determine the best way to connect systems throughout the company and ensure new equipment and software are compatible with existing systems. Computer system analysts are focused on procuring new systems into the business. Depending on the size of the company, this may overlap with the IT manager role.

Mobile App Development

Insurance agencies, delivery companies, and government agencies likely have apps to assist you with their product. Apps allow a more direct line for companies to reach customers since most consumers have a smartphone. These apps can be vital for communication, especially for a public transportation agency in a big city. Mobile apps offer the ability to spread information to users quickly. These apps also do their fair share of sending data back to the company to develop plans to monetize customers further. 

The rise of remote work is permitting companies to hire outside of their immediate area. This gives a Chicago coding bootcamp graduate the chance to work for one of the hiring companies in the Bay Area or elsewhere in the country. Industries outside of tech need mobile developers as well to increase the functions of their apps. Retail, pharmacy, and even online car dealerships utilize app developers to create seamless customer experiences.

Tech Jobs Are Beating Covid-19

Technology is slowing the spread of Covid-19 by reducing close interactions with others. We can get our favorite Thai dish or a new car without leaving the house thanks to tech workers around the country. As more tech companies favor remote work, the job growth in Northern California will spread throughout the country.