The Art of living life is yoga | Health Benifits of yoga

Health is wealth means If health is good, money can be earned anytime. But in today’s times, we keep competing to earn money by bypassing our health. Life becomes easy if health and mind are good. To live life better, we need to be mentally and physically healthy.

Yoga not only increases the flexibility of the body but also helps in weight loss while strengthening the muscles. Learn other health benefits of yoga.

Benefits of yoga :-

1- Blood pressure remains under control.

2- It helps to keep fresh and happy throughout the day.

3- Helpful to focus your attention.

4- Provides internal strength.

5- Blood sugar is normal.

6- Supports good and deep sleep.

7- It helps to stay away from all types of diseases and medicines.

8- Improves the immune system and increases the body’s immunity.

9- Provides a healthy lifestyle.

10- plays a supporting role in reducing any kind of pain in the body.




1.  Mind will remain calm: Yoga gives good muscle exercise, but medical researches have proved that yoga is a boon both physically and mentally. Yoga relieves stress and leads to good sleep, hunger is good, not only that digestion is also right.


2.  Balanced blood pressure: Many people are struggling with blood pressure due to wrong lifestyle. If you also have any problems related to blood pressure, then start doing yoga under the supervision of a yoga instructor from today. Yoga is also important because by doing pranayama, the body gets sufficient amount of energy and the functioning of nerves improves. Also, heart rate is normal.

3.  Ability to bear pain: Pain can occur anywhere and anytime in the body. In particular, joint pain becomes difficult to bear. At the same time, when you do yoga, initially the physical ability to bear this pain starts increasing. Also, after regular practice, this pain starts to subside.

4. Sleep: It is necessary to get good sleep at night after working all day. This helps the body to be ready to work again the next day. Not getting enough sleep causes restlessness, headache, eye irritation and tension throughout the day. Ronak is not visible on the face also. At the same time, if you do regular yoga, the mind becomes calm and relieves stress, which helps in getting good sleep at night.


5. Prevention of heart disease: Heart is a delicate part of our body. Improper eating, unbalanced routines and stress have a direct effect on your heart. Later, many heart related diseases occur. Yoga is the best way to avoid it. Regular yoga and healthy eating keeps the heart strong. When you do yoga to keep the heart healthy, then you will easily understand the importance of yoga.

Weight control: Yoga reinforces the muscles and makes the body healthy, on the other hand, fat can also be reduced from the body by yoga.


Major Types of Yogasana –


Gomukhasana Yoga


Sit with both legs spread out in front. Fold the left foot and place the heel near the right buttocks. Fold the right leg over the left leg in such a way that both the knees are on top of each other.   Raise your right hand upwards and turn towards the back and hold the right hand behind your back by bringing the left hand down. The neck and waist remain straight. After doing it for about one minute from one side, do it from the other side in the same way.

Benefits:- It is particularly beneficial in testicle growth and bowel growth. Metal is beneficial in polyuria and female diseases. Strengthens the liver, kidneys and thoracic site. The rheumatism removes Gathiya.

Ardhamatsyandrasana: –

Sit with both legs spread out in front. Attach the AD to the buttock by bending the left leg. Place the left foot near the knee of the right foot on the outside.   Hold the paws of the right foot while keeping the left hand straight outward near the right knee. Turn the right arm behind the back and look at the back. Similarly, do this asana from another side.

Provides strength to the eyes by removing abdominal (stomach) disorders.

Sarvangasana position: – Lie on your back by laying a blanket or blanket.

Method:- Slowly lift both legs to 90 degrees. With the help of arms and elbows, move the lower part of the body up so that it stands upright on the shoulders. Support the back with hands. Press the back with the help of hands. Apply as much power as you can with a chin. Then slowly in the previous state, first back the ground and then straighten the legs slowly.

Benefits:- Makes thyroid active and healthy Disorders like obesity, weakness, lack of height and fatigue etc. are overcome. The adrenal makes the Venus and the glands strong.


Anulom Vilom Pranayam Method: –

Sit in meditation easy. Breathing in slowly from the left nostril. After stopping the breath as per strength (Kumbhak), exhale with the right voice. Breathe out of the right nostril again. After stopping the breath as much as possible (Kumbhak), slowly exhale from the voice. Breathe again with the same tone with which you exhale.

Benefits:- The entire vein of the body is pure. The body becomes stunning and agile. Hunger increases. The blood is purified.</span