The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop

The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop : 

humankind and Nature are both great artists, or when they join forces and amazing masterpieces can be produced.

Today Bright Side has organized for you works in which the joint efforts of mother nature or photographic artists have taken magic moments showing the amazing diversity of new life or the natural world.


This is what happens if you throw hot tea into the air in Arctic

A galactic tennis ball


Modern dykes, windmills and highways in the Netherlands


Two worlds divided, New York, USA

Just an ordinary day’s building — catching a cloud


A blue universe in Japan


Spider webs in Abernethy forest, Scotland


Volcanic eruption in Iceland


Now I can finally get a tan




An eagle soaring over a lake in Canada


Hotaru Ika firefly squids, Japan


Flamingos gathered in the shape of a flamingo, Yucatan Peninsula


Forests without end, Russia

Westerdok District, Amsterdam




Frosted trees


Hello there, sister


The chosen one


Birdy hurricane

Alien invasion in Charlotte, USA


A helicopter near Yosemite waterfall, USA


On target



Rango plays guitar



A cargo train at Morant’s Curve



A ghost town, San Francisco, USA



That’s how they mine diamonds. Mirny, Yakutia, Russia



Dog sledding in Greenland



Long exposure of a plane taking off



The Royal British Navy puts on a show



The aftermath of a flood in Ljubljana, Slovenia



Explosion illusion


Snow express



Wingardium Leviosa



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