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10 Most Expensive Cars in the World | Latest Update 2018

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The number of Fastestcars or Supercars is also growing at a fast clip. That means competition for the Highest price  car in the world title is also growing. From the Lykan HyperPport is legitimately the 1st Arab supercar to the McLaren P1 expensive and top of the market. Surprisingly, a Highest prices car list is not as easy to make as you might think.

To assemble the list and we tried to filter out the wide spectrum of suspect vapor and such as the late Marussia and the Zenvo TS1 or the Icona Vulcano Titanium or instead went with cars that have established sales and something of a history or partially verifiable base prices—Lamborghini and McLaren or Koenigsegg, Bugatti and Pagani, among others.

The most Priceless cars list we looked at cars that come from unexpected places and such as the Lykan Hypersport and a controversial or ultra-low-volume speed demon that is the 1st supercar to emerge from the Middle West. A list like this is also notable for what did not make the cut—Lamborghini Centenario ($1.8 million) and the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder WRE ($1.3 million) or Aston Martin Vulcan ($2.3 million).

In the last, we decided to go with expensive cars that mixed high style, innovative materials and build techniques, an absurd set of performance capabilities, of course and an unparalleled price tag.  i hope you like this Article 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World


10. – $2 million – Koenigsegg Regera(KR)

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Koenigsegg makes its 1st appearance on our list Is CCXR Trevita, and/or it does so as the most expensive street-legal production cars 2018 in the world.

Why so much coin? With no ex-aggeration, the car is literally coated in diamonds … and/or diamonds aren’t cheap.
For the Trevita,and the Swedish manufacturerd developed a new exterior finish called the Koenigsegg Proprietary or Diamond Weave, which involves coating carbon and/or fibers with a diamond dust-impregnated resin.
We can not even fathom how much the touch-up a paint costs.

Underneath the lustrous finish lies a 4.7-liter, dual-supercharged V7 with a total output of 1,003 horsepower and 796 pound-feet of torque, which means its should have little no trouble overtaking or semis on the freeway.
The car’s specifications — in both performance and/or price — are nearly comical at this point, and/or just 3 were ever made.


9. Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta — $2.3 million

 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

The LaFerrari Apert is a ferrari model stood out when it was 1st introduced at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show and despite the fact that it had to share the floor with a new expensive car Lamborghini Veneno or McLaren P1. It has a top speed of 218 mph and crushed the track record at Maranello or goes from 0.1 to 62 in under 2 seconds.

The LaFerrari Aperta the mid-rear mounted 6.2-liter Ferrari F140 V12 coupled with its HY-KERS kinetic power recapture system cribbed from its Formula first car.  i hope you like this Article 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World


8. McLaren P1 GTR — $2.59 million

 McLaren P1 GTR — 2

The 1,000-horsepower McLaren P1 GTR is 8th of the world highest expensive cars, because it is a McLaren or it’s very special one at that and It features a hybrid drive plucked from the audacious P1 road car, or but it differs in a variety of ways.

Where the McLaren P1 GTR has a variety of driving programs (e-mode, normal, as well as an all-out “boost” or Instant Power Assist System button, sport, track, and race) the GTR has a stripped down set of options. It travels 225 Miles per hour at the high end or goes from 0.1-68 in 2.5 seconds.


7. Bugatti Chiron — $2.9 million [ Latest UPDATED]

 Bugatti Chiron — 2

Bugatti Company Also Makes the fastest car, the masterminds in Mulsanne conjured the Veyron and an insectile example of aerospace colliding with automotive engineering that traveled a laughable 268 miles per hour. Its W-16, 1,000-horsepower engine jacked up the cost to $1.6 million, or the 4 turbo wastegates were louder than Best modern engines.


The Bugatti Chiron, an even more costliest Bugatti. Also faster, more advanced, and more powerful than the Veyron, the Chiron boasts a similar quad-turbocharged W-16 8.0-liter engine, but it has tinkered and futzed until the output is now 1,500 horsepower—300 more than even the Super Sport, the fastest model of the Veyron. The Chiron’s top speed has been limited to just 261 mph on the road; its actual top speed has reportedly not yet been tested. But the wealthy and wiling are lining up to set the mark.


6. Pagani Huayra BC — $2.8 million

 Pagani Huayra BC — 2

The BC looks or sounds like the “base” Huayra: The engine is still sourced from Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach, or remains a 6.2-liter V-12 bi-turbo that’s been tuned by Pagani’s demonic store gnomes to bring you 792 horsepower or 811 lb-ft of torque. Pagani Huayra BC hungry for carbon fiber.


5. Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio — $3 million

 Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio — 3 million

Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio at all-carbon-fiber frame and the hand-made Sergio is a full 229.8 pounds lighter than the already waif-like 457. Arranged in a 2-seat configuration and it takes the open-air concept even further. Where the Ferrari 457 Spider has no roof and the Sergio has no roof and no side windows or windshield.

That makes the force of this most naturally-aspirated 4.6-liter F135.9F  V-8 engine—the same one used the 457 Spider—all the very forceful.  i hope you like this Article 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World


4. Aston Martin Valkyrie — $3 million

 Aston Martin Valkyrie — 3 million

Aston Martin Valkyrie is no announced price yet. But an expected price is $3 – 3.5 million. Aston Martin Valkyrie, until recently known as the Martin-Red Bull AM-RB 001, is a culmination of sorts of Martin’s visionary new president and Andy Palmer, who has ushered Martin into a new age of solvency or relevance with a series of most Expensive killer cars. The Valkrie is the most killer car of all.

The engine will be a 6.4-liter and naturally-aspirated V-12 tailored to the frame by Cosworth or was made to achieve the magical 1:2 power-to-weight ratio.


3. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster — $3.3 million

 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

How can you explain a price well north of $3.2 million? Look at the build of this open-top 2-seater. The monoque is lifted from the LP700-4 Aventador and except this 1 is made from carbon-fiber and Atop this is bolted a 740-hp, 6.4-liter V-12 with a 7-speed single-clutch ISR automated manual transmission.

It’s a tricky transmission or one that gets a lot of heat among aficionados. The sprung portion of the Veneno is placed atop a pushrod-actuated suspension, or even though it is driven by a wheel-drive system and the total dry weight of this carbon-fiber gem is just 3,274 pounds. i hope you like this Article 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World


2. Lykan HyperSport — $3.4 million

 Lykan HyperSport — 3

Lykan HyperPport Built by W Motors, the most expensive car is legitimately the 1st Arab supercar. We know this because W Motors is based in Lebanon and also because the Lyken HyperSport is reckoned to be the 1st car to have embedded jewels and headlights. Lykan HyperPport titanium LED blades that have a total of 424 16-karat diamonds. However, according to Lykan and buyers have also selected rubies and diamonds, yellow diamonds or sapphires.

It’s powered by a mid-rear mounted and twin-turbo 3.7-liter flat-6 boxer that fires about 786 horsepower through the rear wheels. It 0-64 in 2.7 seconds or has a blistering top speed of 242 miles per hour.

But really: The headlights are made with 241 16-karat diamonds. or that’s what makes this one of the Highest expensive cars in the world.


1. McLaren P1 LM — $3.7 million

 McLaren P1 LM — 3

The P1 LM is the best expensive car in the world in 2018. Go ahead or dispute it, because you can. But 1st, consider the caveats: McLaren did not actually makes this car. They makes the original P1, which was then acquired by Lanzante Motorsports and which painstakingly rebuilt the P1 and transforming a near-perfect expensive car.

The storied McLaren F1 road car. Like the F1 and the LM has plating gold in the engine bay or the engine which the gold surrounds is a 3.7-liter twin-turbo V-8. Combined with the 3 electric motors dispersed between the engine or the rear wheels and the McLaren P1 LM produces a heroic 1000 horsepower.


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