The 10 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World : Either a bridge is made to connect two roads only, but there are many such bridges in the world which are not such. These bridges are those who, when you reach you, want to stay for two minutes, which you see without delaying the blinking period or where you prefer to even pull your photos. Today in this article we are going to tell you about The Top 10 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World These included centuries old bridges and existing bridges.


1. Helix Bridge, Marina Bay area, Singapore

Singapore looks forward to modern architecture. The place you should never miss when you go to Singapore is Helix Bridge located near Marina Bay. It looks Amazing both at night and day. Blue light shines in the night and a large number of tourists stand here and take photos.


2. Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

Venice is a city without which the bridge can not be imagined. This city is built on water. But here you can not stay without seeing the beauty of Rialto Bridge. Once upon a time, it can stay in your memory forever.


3. Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio Bridge, located on Arno River in Florence, Italy, is known for its shops. The shops located on the bridge made during the Roman Empire are still there after so many days. Here you can buy leather goods and jewelry.


4. Pont du Gard, Gard River, France

It is said that the person who is interested in history loves the French. A river that flows here is known for its bridge only in the entire world. Ponte du Gard Bridge, built on it, was built by Romans almost 2000 years ago.


The 10 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World


5. Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA

It took about 15 years to build this bridge. For a long time the local administration did not approve the construction. This bridge was designed by John Roebling. But before the completion of the bridge, he died. After this his son completed the bridge. When it was made it was the world’s tallest suspended bridge.


6. Tower Bridge, London, England

So many buildings in London are worth a visit, but seeing Tower Bridge can be a memorable moment. It is also seen as a symbol of Victorian London. London people proudly discuss this bridge.


7. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA

Located in America, this bridge was built in 1937 and since then it is known as the San Francisco Symbol. Crores of rupees were spent in building the Golden Gate Bridge. Photographers from around the world come to take photographs of this bridge. The 10 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World


8. Chengyang Bridge, Sanjiang County, China

This pool made by China’s Dong community is an excellent example of Chinese workmanship. These bridges are made of wood and stone only and no single spike or bolt is used to connect them together.


9. Millau Viaduct Bridge, Midi-Pyrénées, France


This bridge was completed in 2004. This bridge, 1125 feet high, is considered the longest bridge in the world.


10. Khaju Bridge,Isfahan, Iran

This bridge built in Iran is a living example of Arabian architecture. It was built by Shah Abbas II in the 17th Century. There are two large chambers in the middle of this bridge which were used earlier in the work for Shah but now they have been opened to the general public.


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