TH9 Dark Elixir Farming Strategy, TH9 elixir farming army, Base, Troops

TH9 Dark Elixir Farming Strategy, TH9 elixir farming army, Base, Troops

Once you hit Town Hall nine dark elixir becomes the most important resources. thus forcing you to hold on to more and more at one time. However, The lab research and hero upgrades become quite costly at these levels, with that you become a target for someone else DE farming.

Army Compositions

Even though it will seem simple and many people do not focus on their army composition to make sure they are saving dark elixir correctly. Raiding with high numbers of valks or hogs and even a few lava hounds and will eat into your resources gained or make saving up DE that much harder and The goal when farming for DE is to use a mainly elixir based army.

At Town Hall 11 start with:

4 healers / 4 wall breakers / 9 archers / 5 minions / 16 giants / 13 wizards / 25 goblins
1 heal spell / 2 rage spells / 2 jump spells / 1 poison spell

Now that is using Town Hall 11 camp space and you are at 9 or 10 and consider removing a few giants and wizards, as well as many of the archers and minions as needed.

What needs to be upgraded or in what order?

Dark elixir can only be spent on 2 things and which helps simplify this resource and heroes or troop/spell research. Town Hall 9 unlocks the Archer Queen which will eventually become a key component to farming dark elixir. While in the lab new levels are available for minions and hogs, golems, Valkyries and the new Lava Hound and as the poison, earthquake or haste spells.

Prioritize your DE as follows – (1) Start something in the lab you use for war, such as the hog or valk, and golem, (2) Push to upgrade your AQ to level 5 in order to unlock the 1st level of her Royal Cloak.(since those upgrade times eventually reach 14 days long) Alternate those 2 to keep the research lab going, or upgrade your AQ to higher levels in between wars. Once your AQ hits at least level 10 she will be strong enough to start the Queen Walk strategy.