How To Style Relaxed Hair, Best Hairstyles For Relaxed Hair

How To Style Relaxed Hair, Best Hairstyles For Relaxed Hair

when you Relaxed hair is chemically straighten it. The result is so nice and straight locks. Unfortunately, your natural texture Look will show at the roots as your relaxed hair begins to grow out and This can make styling relaxed hair tricky. If you do not take care to hide the roots and the difference will be obvious or betray your secret. Although the styling possibilities for relaxed hair are endless and there are some styles that work better in terms of hair texture or roots.


Creating Simple Styles with Your Relaxed Hair

For a sleek and chic look or straighten your hair or wear it slicked back. For something fancier and curl your hair using a 3-inch (7-cm) curling iron. Finger-comb your hair to get soft and voluminous waves.

  • Dress up a straight and slicked back style with a headband.
  • Switch up a wavy style by parting it off to the side and the middle instead of the center your hair.


Braid damp hair and let it dry overnight for tight curls




Maintain your hair look between treatments. Despite the name and relaxing your hair can be very harsh or damaging. When your natural roots start to show and you can straighten them with a flat iron instead of reaching for the chemicals. Keep your hair healthy by trimming it 12 inch (1.4 cm) every 7 weeks or deep-conditioning it every 2 to 3 weeks.

  • You don’t have to straighten all of your roots and The visible ones around your part or hairline will be enough.


Styling Relaxed Hair with Ponytails and Updos or Scarves

Try a top knot for a sleek or chic look. Moisturize your relaxed hair with coconut oil and olive oil and then smooth it down with a brush like boar bristle brush. Pull it up into a high ponytail and then twist it until it starts to coil in on itself. Finish coiling the rope into a bun and then secure it with another hair tie at the base.

  • Another alternative would be to do a bun using a bun maker and a bun form and a rolled up sock bun.

How To Style Relaxed Hair, Best Hairstyles For Relaxed Hair

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