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Top 10 Strangest Scientific Theories Ever Proposed

Top 10 Strangest Scientific Theories Ever Proposed

There are so many bizarre scientific theories out there that it is impossible to name them all within a list of 10 spots. Nevertheless,10 of these theories pop out as being stranger than the rest of them. And Do you think you can handle some weird science? And Then check out these 10 strangest scientific theories ever proposed in history. What’s your favorite theory?


10. Life on the Sun


Although today we know that the sun is basically a enormous nuclear furnace, in the 1700′s people thought differently. Even William Herschel, and the discover of Uranus and  thought that sunspots were actually mountains peaking through the layer of clouds.

9. Homeopathy


Basically the art of scamming sick people out of their money homeopathy is not even a scientific theory.And The only one reason we put it on this list is because it’s a sham or the people who practice it claim that it’s science.And Don’t get sucked in. countinue .. Top 10 Strangest Scientific Theories Ever Proposed

8. Fire is made of an element called Phlogiston

 Fire is made of an element called Phlogiston

In 1667, and a physicist named Johann Joachim  proposed to add another element to the already existing list of chemical elements on Earth—Phogiston.and  According to Becher, and all combustible elements contain this stuff or release it when they burn. Today, Phogistan only exists in the history books.

7. Alchemy


It was basically the pursuit of creating gold, rather creating gold out of other substances. And The only problem was that the alchemists needed to find the philosopher is stone which was the magical key to not only initiating this transformation but also to eternal life. And It remains unfound.


6. The seeds of life were brought to earth through meteorites, asteroids, etc

earth through meteorites asteroids

Also called the Panspermia Theory, And this old belief suggests that life actually exists throughout the universe or that it just ended up on Earth via some sort of space rock. Top 10 Strangest Scientific Theories Ever Proposed


5. Life on Earth started from garbage

Life on Earth started from garbage

Often considered 1st of the silliest theories ever, and the Garbage Theory states that the origins of life on Earth can be traced back to billions of years ago,and when aliens dumped their trash on Earth.

4. Spontaneous Generation


 According to Aristotle a creature could arise out of an inanimate object,and as a maggot “grows” from rotting meat. and As crazy as it sounds people believed this straight up until the 20th century with scientific experiments even being conducted.

3. The whole universe is a computer

whole universe is a computer

We have already discussed the theory that states we live in a matrix-like computer environment. However, and the “computer is the universe” and theory states that the universe itself is the computer in which we live in.

In essence, and black holes, galaxies, stars or all of that act as the circuits and processors of a gargantuan motherboard where the most fundamental component of the universe is not a unit of matter, but a “bit”. Yes, and literally the same boolean piece of data your computer uses to print this page, or go figure. i hope you enjoy reading Top 10 Strangest Scientific Theories Ever Proposed

2. The universe works like a mechanical clock

mechanical clock

According to the Clockwork Universe Theory,and the universe is just like a mechanical clock controlled by a supreme being who uses the laws of physics as its gears to make everything in the world determinable.and Unlike other scientific theories involving God and this theory limits His role to just setting the universe into motion. However,and this theory was rejected by the Quantum Theory.

1. Zoo theory 

Zoo theory

The Zoo Theory suggests that aliens exist but would never make their presence known to humanity so they cannot exert an influence on human development. And This theory suggests that we are like animals being observed in a zoo,and being monitored by aliens who would not make contact with us until we reach a certain level of advancement.


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