How to Start a Successful Blog | Make money from blog

How to Start a Successful Blog | Make money from blog

Do you want to know how to create a blog or website?

Do you want to know, what is a website? And want to understand the method of creating a perfect and good website?

What is a blog or website?

if yes ! So let’s understand this process of creating a blog or website one by one.

The first thing to do when starting blogging or website? By the way, I have

many things in the internet to understand, to read, someone says something, then something else. Do you feel confused or confused?

Let us remove your difficulties. Not everybody has an Expert from the beginning of the blogger or the Website Owner. Blogging on the Internet that everyone in the world can make their website or blog successful only after solving difficulties.


Let’s understand how to create a blog or website

In the following Points, we have told you why someone is truly blogging or why he needs a website or why you want to make your website? You have the answer to why this is so important because it gives you inspiration.


Note: If you have decided this and you know why you need a website then you can move forward by leaving the given Points.

  • The most famous way to create a blogging and website in today’s day is to communicate its message to people as well as the medium of communication.
  • You can become famous through your blog and reach your point or your products to as many people as possible.
  • If you are a good writer, you can send your good articles to the people.
  • The biggest thing! You can earn money sitting at home.


How to Start a Successful Blog | Make money from blog

# 1 Choose the right platform for your blog or website

To start your website or blog, first step is to choose the right platform. If you want to create a website for yourself where you want to offer an online shopping facility to sell your products, you can create your website on the installer like Opencart. If you want to create your blog where you want to reach your articles and ideas, then you can choose from WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

Blogger – (Free by google and easy Blogging Service)

Tumblr – (halfway through this is a social networking website, half a blog and usage is also very easy)

You can also create your own blog on the WordPress. Today, more than 50% of the users have chosen WordPress. Why Let’s Know –

  • Fully easy to use
  • You can use WordPress for free but if you can give some value, you can get thousands of features from it.
  • Thousands of free themes
  • Many types of layouts
  • In this platform, you get a very good support service where you can also solve your inconveniences / difficulties.
  • You can also get help with millions of plugins to make the website even easier and better.


# 2 How to Choose the Right Hosting for Your Blog or Website

This step is very important to you. Here you need to decide that you want to spend some money in the beginning of your website or blog or you want to make your website in any platform for free.

WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger provide all three companies free hosting. Well we tell you some very important things that are not available on these free hosting platforms –

You can not set your own domain – The website URL that you create on a free hosting website looks very bad and bad. That’s because their URL looks like this –

You can not place your ads and themes – this is a very important option and feature that does not exist on the Free website so that you can not place your own ad on that website. However this feature is present on You can not use Free Themes on the WordPress free website

In reality, you are not the owner of your website – though this sounds a little awkward, but if you understand the whole thing, you will also accept this fact. If you create your website on someone else’s web property, then you are a user of that website and not the owner of that website.

That’s why your limit on that website is limited to writing posts and not just delete that entire website. But if the owner of that website does not like your activity, then he can also delete your website from his hosting.


# 3 Benefits of a website or blog hosted at DOMAIN itself

This is another key step to understanding the blog or website. Our website is hosted on WordPress which we have taken from Godaddy which provides good web hosting at a very low cost on the internet. We subscribe to this website for 1200 rupees or 18 $ hosting plan on this website.


From the beginning of this post we are speaking Domain and Website Hosting! What do they mean right?

Domain – Domain is the URL of your website in easy words through which people reach your website on the Internet. e.g-

Web Hosting – Web Hosting is a company on the Internet that puts your website on the internet so that people can access your website.


# 4 Design your blog or website

In our view, there are some very important Points or Steps in designing a blog that we have told you below –

  • First choose your domain (Domain) according to your website’s products or post category. This will make it easier for users of your website to identify and find you on the internet.
  • Write the layout of the website, Heading, Meta Tags and Description in the right way.
  • To make your website beautiful, put a nice free theme and go to Customize section setting.
  • If you want to get more feature then you can buy the theme of the website
  • Enter Menu Options at the top of your website or blog.
  • Must add links to the About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Services page and link to the menu.
  • Keep your blog up to date regularly and write posts with good SEO.

This 4 steps is for those who have stepped up their website in the field of blogging and internet. Next we will consider all these small Points in Detail too.


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