How To Rank Your Old Content On Google’s First Page

How To Rank Your Old Content On Google’s First Page

Friends, today we will tell you people how to rank your Old content on Google’s First Page. Which can increase your traffic a lot in 12 to 16 days. You might be thinking, how is it possible that google search console can significantly increase the traffic of your site?

Your old article will be ranked for many such keywords you may not know but it is not necessary that they are at the top position of google search.


How to check Blog Post’s Ranking in Google Search Console

In today’s artcle I will tell you how you can check the ranking of your old article in google using google search console.

With the help of this tool, checking the ranking or changing it can bring a particular page to the top of the google search.


How to find best long tail keyword from which blog articles are ranked

Now we are going to tell you step by step how to get a google search console to know which blog article is ranked for what keyword or what is its ranking position and how much impression is or how much CTR is on it.

  • 1st of all, we will open it by logging into google search console.
  • Now we will click on its search traffic section.
  • Now we will open it by clicking on search analytics.
  • Here we will select clicks, impression, CTR, Position,
  • Now click on the queries from the bottom section.



Now we will see the report of our blog’s search engine.

From here we will select the keyword of our blog post on which the impression and position are high but the CTR is low, we will select such a keyword from which our blog post is on the second or third page in the google search and the impression is high.

We will copy such keywords, and by opening the blog post, you will press CTRL + F key and paste it into the keywords that were copied.

Now if this keyword is in that blog post then you will see it.

Now we will place this keyword in our blog post as described below.



Which page has to change according to SEO?

We target two types of pages by google search console.

First we are targeting pages that are in page 2 or later in search.
Second, we target those pages, which are more impression, but click through rate (CTR) is less.

How To Optimize Page According To SEO

When we optimize our blog post for any keyword, it is possible that this change de-optimizes another keyword. So that the page has already got a high rank.

Google does not show a search result with a keyword and does not show the result, rather it understands the user’s intentions, what the find it, and according to the google search result it looks. Which just does not match words and phrases.

We can rewrite our header. Post words can change the location. But before making any changes to a page it should be decided that we are not committing to its ranking.


How to Optimize Old Blog Post Ranking in Search Engine

1- If your old blog post is ranking on the second or third page of google, then optimize it according to the following guideline

  1. Write the keyword at the beginning of the title
  2. Use keywords in the header once
  3. should use keyword in meta description
  4. One thing is to make sure that you have used the keyword in the middle of the article.
  5. Make an effort to make the subject matter better by video, images, example, quotes in the whole detail, on this topic.


2- If your old blog post is ranking on the top page of google, still not clicking on it, then optimize it according to the following guideline.

  • If your old blog post is already ranking on the top page of google, its focus will not overtake the keyword’s location.
  • Use keyword in subheading and body text.
  • Add this keyword to the meta description, but be aware that do not delete the old keyword.
  • And make sure that the topic of your blog post is completely covered.



In this way you can do Search Engine Optimization very well with your old blog post through google search console, and its result will be available in 12 to 16 days.

So if you are paying more attention to writing a new post, then you can optimize the old post to get more traffic for a little while by writing a new post.


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