How do I promote my blog post on social media

How do I promote my blog post on social media

Friends, through this post, I will tell you the logo how do I promote my blog post on social media.

Often after publishing the blogger blog post, they start sharing on social media such as facebook, twitter, google plus.

And when traffic does not come from there, the blogger gets frustrated and thinks it is not possible to get traffic from social media.

If you create a rule and share your blog post, you can get a lot of traffic from social media.

Today, through the infographic of this post, you are going to tell people about this.


How do I promote my blog post on social media

When you start blogging, there is not much post on your blog at that time, so that you can not get too much traffic from the search engine.

Direct traffic is not even on the blog, it is a straightforward thing that if you tell someone about your blog, then how will they know about your blog.

So social media is such a medium, where you can advertise your blog in both free and paid ways.

Today we will tell you a free method here through this infographic, if you follow the logo then you can get traffic on your blog very soon.

Next to your side, look out that when a shop is open, it also advertises its shop in a variety of ways.

In the same way we also have to advertise our blog. Only then will traffic increase on it, and when you increase the traffic, you can earn from your blog.


promote my blog post on social media tips –

Share your blog post in facebook, google, twitter, instagram etc. creat your blog page in Facebook and google plus.

Join a community like quora, and google community and share your blog link in these community.


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