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Top 10 Tips to Overcome Doctor Phobia

A visit to the doctor as a something which we all dread. And/or i am not just talking about 4 year old but I have seen many grown ups and who fear or avoid going to the doctor. and The idea of as a cruel man or/and a stern lady carrying a stethoscope around their neck or prescribing large doses of the huge medicines can send to the chills spine for many. Well, I am no different. and I dodge going to doctor unless it’s becomes completely inevitable. or after being forced by family to go or see the doctor I make sure that I am not going there alone. Here, I have got the top 10 tips on dealing with this anxiety and/or overcoming your fear of doctors.


10. Take somebody along


9. Choose a family doctor


8. Befriend your doctor


7. Trust your doctor


6. Know your symptoms


5. Know what medicines suit you


4. Know your medical history

3. Be determined about the treatment


2. They mean no harm


1. Shed inhibitions