How Often Should You Update Your Blog? | Successful Blogger

How Often Should You Update Your Blog? | Successful Blogger

Friends, today we will tell you people how often should I update my blog in a week? If you are a blogger then this question will come to your mind that should you update the daily blog?

It is an ego question, among all the bloggers, that blog should be updated once a week, once a week, updating here means to blog post. So what is the answer?

Many successful bloggers say that you should update your blog every day or at least 5 times a week. Or should write 20 to 28 blog posts in one month. Can you do this way, and it also has some benefits?

First of all, How Often Should You Update Your Blog daily?


  • If you just started blogging, you need a lot of blog posts. So that visitors can stay on your blog for a long time and if you’ve read a post read another post. If the number of posts on your blog is low then the visitors will bounce from your blog soon.
  • More blog post SEO is better than the look of search engine optimization. Because of this, you can rank your blog with many keywords, so that the visitor will come from the search engine on your blog. And if you share your blog post on social media then you can get good traffic from it, if your post is helpful to people.
  • If you are posting daily, then it is obvious that your post can not be of 1000 words in length. You would write fewer posts than this. If you write daily blog post, you may also get sick from it. Because writing a post on a new topic every day is not easy.
  • If you are alone then I believe that you have the benefit of daily posting but it is not right for your health. This can spoil your health.
  • Writing a post for a blogger done is very important. But more than that, his health should also be correct. If the health is not correct then he will not be able to write the article. I hope you enjoy reading How Often Should You Update Your Blog Successful Blogger


Would it be better to blog post 2-4 times a week?

If you are writing 2 to 4 posts a week, you can write longer posts. And you can better understand your speech. You may also have enough time to write your article.

You can make loyal readers for your blog this way. Who read each of your blog posts.

Many bloggers have set the day for different topics that they will write articles on this topic on this day. You can also create a time table for blog post.

Almost all major bloggers write 2 to 4 posts a week. Some people like me also write more posts too. Writing two to four blog posts in one week is most common.


your blog to update only once a week?

If you post only once a week, the chances of success in blogging are drastically reduced. You can do this only if your blog is successful.

But if you post a blog only once a week, then you can make your blog post very high quality, so that your blog reader may feel that there is no better post than this post.

Since you post only one week, so the post should be longer and you should try your best.

I hope you enjoy reading How Often Should You Update Your Blog a Successful Blogger


How often do I update Blog?

Ever since I started my blog, I still post a blog every day, but if I remain too busy for some reason then I can not update it. But I feel like I am unable to convert my visitor to my blog’s promoter.

That’s why I have also thought that I will now update 4 posts on my blog every day instead of daily, and I will try my visitor to get a better post.



This is the reason for writing this article that I can tell you people if you are a new blogger and do not have too much post on your blog, you can do daily posting.

But when your blog posts 150 or more, you can update the post from 2 to 4 days a week.

If you write and update post 2 to 4 days, you will get enough time to share your new and old post on social media and the new ID you can write on. And you can also write better and longer post.


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