What Is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder | Best treatment of OCD

What Is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder | Best treatment of OCD

John’s most of the day passes in the investigation. It takes a lot of time to get out of the house because he is always worried that he has switched off the switch of windows, lights and wings. He always sees five- six times whether he has shut down the gas or not, but his mind still remains.

That’s why he has to do all the work again. Sometimes your partner asks you to check everything again. If he does not do that, then he becomes unbearable panic.

He knows that it is stupid, but he feels that if there is a big mistake then he will be responsible for it.

Similarly, angelina has preferred some cleaning for some 6-7 years. Often he does some dhoti, wiping or cleaning up and washing his hands several times in the day until he becomes red.


In the cold night of December-January, even during the cold nights, they can see their house or room washed with water. Even her family members are troubled by these things but they can not stop it. ”

Both of these people know that their fear is irrelevant, even though they do not stop themselves. In psychology this condition is known as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a anxiety and hypothyroidism in which some unnecessary thoughts or habits create something in a person’s mind that they can not control them even when people want it.

Your mind will constantly think of something or you will continue to do some work again and again until your mind gets rested.

Symptoms of OCD

If a person has OCD, he will wash his hands repeatedly throughout the day. He will be worried or nervous that somewhere his hands are not dirty or he does not have germs in them.

The desire to count the electric pillars or the trees on the road while walking or having them come out.

Count the money again and again.

Bathe frequently or else cleaning the house several times a day.

Some thoughts or images come in the mind repeatedly and the human being can not control them. What Is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder | Best treatment of OCD

Such people are afraid of harming another person without talking, so they keep distance from things like knife and fire.

More trouble than others, if things are not exactly or in the right place. For example, if books are not kept properly in the closet.

Continue to argue with yourself that do this work or do other things. In this way, humans can not even make a small decision.

Keep asking others repeatedly that everything is fine or not.

Repeating one thing for example – Read or write one thing repeatedly.

Putting waste things in the house, like empty boxes of food, torn clothes.

Pay attention to the extent of dementia on moral or religious ideas.

If such symptoms have been in a person for more than 6 months and if they have any effect on their daily routine, then they may have an abrasive compulsive disorder.

But if the repeating behavior of a person is going to give happiness, it does not have OCD, like gambling habit, taking drugs or drinking alcohol.


Obsessive compulsive disorder?

The main reason being OCD is that there is a disturbance in certain levels of chemicals in Brain, such as serotonin etc.

Research has found that OCD comes from generation to generation. If someone’s parents have OCD then their children are also likely to have OCD.

If a person pays too much attention in cleanliness or does every work with perfection and is a person with high moral principles then he is more likely to have OCD.


When can OCD start?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder can happen to any person at any age. Symptoms (symptoms) can come and go over time. The first stage of this disease is 10 to 12 years old and another starts at 20-25 years.

Considering the statistics, one in every 50 people can have an OCD in their life. That is, it is not such a uncommon problem, and if you are unfortunately aware of yourself or anyone you know, then there is no need to be ashamed of it, just like any other disease, it needs treatment.

Those who are not afflicted with this disease should not see people with OCD at a different notice, this is just a result of chemical disbalance, and this can happen tomorrow with anyone!

How To Cure OCD

Many people with moderate OCD become cured without treatment themselves. OCD patients with moderate to severe intensity need treatment, although their symptoms appear at some point in time, but they can again appear again after some time.

Stress or sadness can be seen in people suffering from acute OCD. Treatment will be helpful for them.

Nowadays it is possible to provide great relief to patients with modern methods of treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder. Yes, it can take 6-7 weeks or more to detect the effect of its treatment. What Is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder | Best treatment of OCD

The importance of medicines in the treatment of this is the same as psychotherapy, which is called psychotherapy.

Many people hide the psychological problems due to shame due to shame (what people will say) or by stopping them to be the target of insanity, and they continue to tolerate difficulties, due to which the problem increases further. This attitude raises the problem instead of reducing the problem.

Some great people of the world who, despite this problem, have earned a lot of names in the world, including Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, musician Ludwig Van Beethoven, Michael Jackson, versatile artist Michael Angelo.

If you or anybody around you has any kind of psychological problem then a psychologist or psychiatrist must definitely have it. It can be treated easily with psychological therapies.


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